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Bitrix24.Drive Update (Year 2014)

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Vlad Kovalskiy
April 8, 2014
Last updated: April 5, 2023
Bitrix24.Drive Update (Year 2014)
We updated the functionality of documents in Bitrix24 and released an update for the Bitrix24 Desktop App for Windows (v and Mac.

The updates include:

  • A new folder, Stored, in My Drive
  • Automatic file sync options for group folders to My Drive
  • Editing using local computer
  • Context menu with files and folders in Bitrix24.Drive’s interface
  • File icons and folders in Bitrix24.Drive
  • New context menu for Bitrix24 Desktop App

New folder in My Drive: Stored

My Drive now has a folder named Stored that contains all files that you save in Bitrix24.Drive.


Previously, these files and all downloads in the portal were saved in a folder called Downloads, which was not conducive for use with synchronization using Bitrix24.Drive, so we have divided this old folder into two. Now files that are saved by you are in Stored, and files loaded onto the portal – like files attached in the activity stream, are located in Downloads.


Downloads does not sync with the local folder on your computer via Bitrix24.Drive.

Automatic sync of group folders with My Drive

As I wrote in my previous post about working with documents, documents in groups (projects) can be connected to My Drive for quick access and synchronized via Bitrix24.Drive. Now sync of group drives can be done automatically, that is, users don’t have to connect the group drive to My Drive themselves. However, this action can be changed using the Automatically connect group disk when user joins group in the intranet settings: Settings > Intranet settings


Edit using my computer

If your company does not want to use external services or you are simply more comfortable working with locally installed applications, you can now open a document in the intranet and select the way you want to edit it – on your own computer. This option is quick, simple, and lets you work the way you are used to!


Context menu of folders and files in Bitrix24.Drive

Version of the Bitrix24 Desktop App for Windows has several new points in the context menu for files and folders which simplify working with documents in Bitrix24.Drive. We tried to cover the most commonly-occurring scenarios.

For folders in Bitrix24.Drive the following options are available:
  • Configure Shared Access
  • Open in Bitrix24

When the Configure Shared Access option is clicked, the intranet opens, and the given folder shows up highlighted along with a dialog box where access settings for the folder can be entered.

Open in Bitrix24 lets you view a given folder in the intranet and take further action from there.

For files, the following options are now available in Bitrix24.Drive:
  • Get Public URL
  • Discuss in Bitrix24
  • Open in Bitrix24

You can now quickly get external links to documents, even if you are working on your local machine. Just click the context menu and choose the Get Public URL option. A link to the file will be automatically generated and copied to the exchange buffer and you can paste it elsewhere.

When we work with documents, it’s often necessary to share them quickly with colleagues. For example, an employee prepares a presentation and when it’s done, wants to have the marketing department look at it, discuss its finer points, and make changes to it. This is a common action, but it takes several actions: upload to the drive, create a message in the Activity Stream, and attach the file.

Now you can do this all with one click! The context menu’s Discuss option opens the Activity Stream in a browser – already with a new post form open and the file attached! All you need to do is choose with whom to share the file and your document is shared!

Open in Bitrix24 opens a file in the intranet for preview.

Aside from the new menu for files and folders in Bitrix24.Drive, there is a point for all files and folders which are saved on your computer. You can now save any document in Bitrix24.Drive – just choose Send to Bitrix24 and the file will be copied to Bitrix24.Drive, and of course, it will appear in your intranet in My Drive.


File and folder icons in Bitrix24.Drive

To be completely sure that all files are synced, you can check the folder status in the Bitrix24.Drive which indicates synchronization in real time.


If you are uploading multiple files onto the drive at once, then the system will show you the progress of syncing in the drive menu, as well as in the folder itself – icons on each file will indicate statuses.

Files which are currently being synced: 091f83142a8b531355efc1f124c2d2d3.png

Files which are synced and fully up to date: 7c7839c2ceb586f2d7491111ca35c1ba.png

If for any reason, the drive was not able to complete sync, then the following icon will appear: 2e2768cfce888951cd7eef769983809f.png

Folders which are synced locally by other users display this icon: 420fe8a2e4dfebae2760a3d99c1937d8.png

We hope that this presentation of the most recent update will help you with your work with documents, and that the features will make collaboration more convenient – that is our main goal.

New context menu in the Bitrix24 Desktop App

We have added a few points to the menu in the Bitrix24 Desktop App to save time searching and to reduce the number of click needed to accomplish basic operations with Bitrix24.Drive.


Information about free and total space in the drive lets you increase the size of Bitrix24.Drive before you run out, and a link to the store is readily available – the option is named Extend drive size.

Even though sync of folders and files between Bitrix24.Drive and My Drive occur automatically, we have added the option to initiate sync manually, so that you have more control over the process and can be sure of the safety of your data.

Download Bitrix24 Desktop App now for your Mac or Windows.

If your application does not have these features, check the version of your Bitrix24 Desktop App and run updates if needed.

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