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Task Dependencies Are Now Available In Bitrix24

Task Dependencies Are Now Available In Bitrix24
Bitrix24 Team
November 20, 2015
Last updated: August 17, 2019

As you’ve probably seen, we’ve changed tasks inside Bitrix24 and added new Gantt charts, which now come with task dependencies. All four most common dependency types are supported:
  1. Finish to Start (FS) – Ex. Fill the car up, before going on a road trip. 

  2. Start to Start (SS) – Ex. Excavation must start, before you start laying pipes. 

  3. Finish to Finish (FF) Ex. Paving must be finished, before line painting can be finished. 

  4. Start to Finish (SF) – Ex. Parents must return and start taking care of their children again, before babysitter is allowed to finish the job and leave.
It’s important that you set start and/or end dates for your tasks if you want to use dependencies, otherwise Bitrix24 won’t let you create them. You’ll also notice that you can now zoom in and out of the Gantt chart view, which is extremely handy when you are working with tasks that take months to complete.

Free accounts are allowed to have up to 5 dependencies. Once you upgrade to any commercial plan, you’ll have unlimited dependencies.

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