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The many functions of calendars in Bitrix24

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Vlad Kovalskiy
October 8, 2012
Last updated: December 30, 2020
The many functions of calendars in Bitrix24
It might seem that a calendar is one thing that does not need much explaining or instructions – put in an event, save – done.

Of course, it is like that, but aside from creating events, the calendar includes several other nice functions like synchronization with Outlook and Google calendars, coordination with the CRM and tasks, and favourite calendars.


I’d like to share all the possibilities which Bitrix24 calendars present.
So I’ll start with the most popular ones.

New event in calendar. The fundamental calendar functions.

To add a new event, you can click on the date needed in the calendar or select the needed number of days.

A pop-up will allow you to enter the name of the event and other details such as the level of availability during the meeting and which calendar the event relates to.


All the nearest upcoming events will be displayed in the ‘Upcoming events’ block on the front page.


When creating an event, you can choose to include detailed information including a description, participants, reminders, recurrences, and connection to a CRM element.


Users selected as participants receive an invitation to the event or meeting and confirm or decline participation.

The organizer of the event can see who has accepted the invitation and who has declined.


Next to the Add button there is a pull down menu that lets you create a new event in the daily planner or calendar, a new task, or an external calendar via CalDAV.


To the right there is a list of available calendars. You can deactivate calendars as needed.


The list below shows calendars selected. If your list is empty, you can add one of your calendars to the list.


You can also add calendars from other users or groups to which you have access to the favourite calendars list.


Synchronization with Outlook is supported by Bitrix24. Simply choose the calendar in a few seconds, the calendar chosen will be displayed in Outlook, with 2-way synchronization.

Calendars and CRM

All meetings created in the CRM are automatically displayed in a calendar and marked as originating in the CRM and including a link to the relevant CRM element.



Synchronization with a mobile device

If you are often out of the office (or don’t really even have one), don’t forget that you can connect via your mobile device so that all of your meetings, seminars, negotiations, and business trips are organized and collected in a single place.

To synchronize with a mobile device, use the Mobile Connection button and follow the instructions.


Detailed information about connecting calendars can be found in our Helpdesk articles.

Google calendars

To connect Google calendars, use the ‘external calendar (CalDav)’ option under the Add button. Enter information about the calendar in the pop-up that opens. All events in this external calendar will be displayed in Bitrix24 and vice-versa.


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New event in calendar. The fundamental calendar functions. Calendars and CRM Synchronization with a mobile device Google calendars

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