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Wikis for small business collaboration

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Vlad Kovalskiy
October 22, 2012
Last updated: February 14, 2022
Wikis for small business collaboration
The wiki format for storing information has more than proved itself in the single most-used repository of human knowledge ever created, Wikipedia. In business, wikis function in two main ways: as a knowledge base and as a collaboration area. Although wikis are no longer at the cutting edge of office software, they are still a very useful tool, as they bring high-level functionality without any technical knowledge needed.

In Bitrix24, each workgroup has a wiki. Thus, to create a knowledge base that is accessible to everyone, use the wiki in a public group. You can use the roles in groups if for any reason you want to provide only read access rights to certain users.

A wiki used as a knowledge base is rather easy to imagine, as Wikipedia is a prime example. Note that images and timestamps can be added to any entry.

Editing page – creating a new entry

Over time, the wiki becomes an invaluable resource, as it keeps historical versions of each entry, is completely searchable from the search box, and benefits from intensive interconnections that can be built via tags, categories, and links. An important fact about wikis is that any given item can belong to any number of categories and have any number of tags, allowing multiple opportunities to find the right information.

Linking within the wiki is one the things that makes it valuable, of course. In Bitrix24, you can link to anything internal, even a contact in the CRM, or to anything external.

New wiki page

Collaboration via wiki can take on several forms. In Bitrix24, one practice that can be useful is to store links to files that are in a document library. If you know that several versions of a giving document are going to be created before a final draft is agreed upon, a link to the detail page of the document is probably best, since historical versions of the document are automatically kept in the library.

As a living example, the text of a phone pitch can be perfected by the people who actually deliver it. Any contingency encountered in conversations with customers can be added for future reference, and appropriate responses devised.

In all cases, the wiki puts structure into unstructured information which comes in unpredictably. Even though it is an old-school, ‘classic’ type of intranet tool, the wiki has continued to be popular, including in small business, through its simplicity and practicality.
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