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XMas Bitrix24 release: Employee Workload Planning in Project Management (Year 2013)

XMas Bitrix24 release: Employee Workload Planning in Project Management (Year 2013)
Ann Slyshkina
December 10, 2013
Last updated: July 4, 2019
Bitrix24’s cloud service now has a great new tool to track time spent on tasks. You can estimate how much time should be spent on a task and after its completion, compare that to how much time has actually been spent.

With Employee Workload Planning in Project Management you get:
  • High transparency in task operations
  • Easy monitoring of deadlines
  • Time reporting for team members

When creating or editing a task, click the “Track time spent” checkbox and put in an estimated amount of time for the task.


The Responsible person is always made aware when time is running out or has run out:


Note that if time tracking is engaged, the task will automatically show up in the daily planner, so that it can be easily accessed and be marked as started, stopped, or completed.


At any given moment, time will be ‘tracked’ for only 1 task. It is easy to switch among tasks, and you will be asked to pause one and continue or start the next:


The new reports for time tracking includeTask Resource Tracking and Employee Resource Tracking.


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