• Ann Slyshkina 4 August 2014
    Bitrix24 partner Anton Dolganin has added a free Form Constructor app to Bitrix24 marketplace. After you install the app, you will be able to create forms for your website or social media page that automatically import data into your Bitrix24 CRM. The only requirement is ability to insert js-code into the web page where the form has to be located.


    Here’s how it works.

    First, install the app. After the all installed, you will be able to select necessary fields, such as Name, Address, Email, Telephone for your form. Please note, that you can rename any field that you want to. Also, you can make the field mandatory by clicking R (Required). After you click ‘Save’, you’ll see js script code to be copied.


    After you add the script to your web page, you’ll see a form:


    Any time the form is filled, the data will be automatically imported into your CRM:


    Please note that you can receive email notifications when the form is filled, if you sele ct ‘Report by email’ field. Also, you can assign all web form leads to specific employees or departments, if necessary. You can enable CAPTCHA as well in order to cut down on a number of spam submissions.

    IMPORTANT: Because this application has been developed by Bitrix24 partner, DO NOT contact Bitrix24 HelpDesk, if you encounter any issues with it. Instead, contact the app developer directly via email address listed in the app.
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