• Bitrix24 Spring 2017 release webinar recording.

    Dmitry Davydov 25 May 2017
    If you’ve missed yesterday’s presentation of new Bitrix24, here’s the recording:

    Here’s a list of new features that have been or soon will be released to your cloud Bitrix24 accounts:

    - Kanban view for tasks and projects
    - Customizable task planner
    - New filters and search inside CRM, tasks and Activity Stream
    - New sales and marketing automation tools
    - HTML template support for email marketing campaigns
    - New 360-degree client profile overview
    - CRM lite mode
    - Customizable greetings for Bitrix24 Open Channels
    - Free Bitrix24.Time app
    - Asterisk and 3CX support
    - Much more!

    In addition to that, new on premise Bitrix24 editions now start at only $1490.
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