• Dmitry Davydov 22 December 2015
    Please note that this app has been made private and can be purchased only by contacting the developer at app@b24.io directly.

    Two weeks ago our partners have create a free application that integrates Bitrix24 with Zapier, providing you access to over 400 services. Currently Zaps for Bitrix24 tasks and Bitrix24 CRM leads are avaliable.
    This guide explains how to install the application, create integrations, and provides examples how to create simple ZAPs.


    First of all you need to register  Bitrix24 account, if you dont have it yet.

    Use promocodes b24io5gb1year  (adds 5 GB for 1 year) and b24iousers (adds 12 users for 6 month).

    1. Install zapier app

    2.Bind API-key.

    3. Install zapier application and accept invite

    4. With both apps are ready, you can start creating Zaps.

    How to create a ZAP that adds deadline to yours Google Calendar

    1. Create several tasks (3-4)

    2. Check the application log,  at least 3 items should have “in progress” status

    3. Make a Zap. Choose your trigger and desired action.

    4. Select your  Bitrix24 account. Use API-key from Bitrix24 app settings.

    5. Match fields.
    6. Test ZAP.

    If you don’t see any samples, check the application log for the items with “in progress” status (three or more are required).  Close the window and reload samples.

    7. Name the Zap and turn it on. Check results in your Google Calendar.

    How create a Zap that creates new tasks from incoming emails in your Gmail account.

    This integration requires using Zapier Gmail app.

    1. Create Zap, chose your trigger and desired action.

    2. Select Bitrix24 account.

    [*]Match fields

    3. Test Zap

    4. Name the Zap and turn it on. Check result in your Bitrix24 account.

    Feel free to contact our partner, the app developer directly with your feedback and suggestions how to further improve this integration.
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