• QuickBooks integration for Bitrix24 is out!

    Dmitry Davydov 13 September 2017


    Yes, we’ve done it. By popular request, the ‘official’ app for QuickBooks integration is out and available to all users, paid or free. This is the first iteration of the app and it syncs information for contacts, companies or accounts between your Bitrix24 and QuickBooks accounts. This is very convenient if you are issuing invoices from QuickBooks, rather than Bitrix24 for example. You will also get notification inside your Bitrix24 account when QuickBooks-issued invoices are paid by the client.

    We do have plans to add more two way sync features for commercial Bitrix24 users, so feel free to send your feedback, ideas and suggestions to info@bitrix24.com.

    Tags: CRM, invoice, marketplace, quickbooks
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