• Business Card Scanner - New Marketplace App To Convert Business Cards To Bitrix24

    Yana Prokopets 30 July 2015
    Meet new Business Card Scanner app –  a simple way  to convert business cards to your Bitrix24. Take a photo of business card and it will import all card data directly to your Bitrix24 CRM.

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    • Bitrix24 CRM integration.
    • All information in one place – couple click to snap а business card to your Bitrix24.
    • Preview data and make necessary changes before saving.
    • Works via your mobile device camera.
    • Recognition in 6 languages
    • Exact conversion of business card data.
    • You pay only for recognition
    App is FREE. Recognitions are NOT (you pay only when you need) Flexible payments options. Free 5 cards for demo.

    There are three steps to start:
    • Install a free application "Business Card Converter" from the Marketplace to your Bitrix24 intranet
    • Install a free application "vCard24" from Google Play or from App Store on your phone
    • Connect your device to Bitrix24.
    More information in Business Card Converter for Bitrix24 - user's guide.

    Please do not contact Bitrix24 Helpdesk for the app support, the app developer can be reached via this form.
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