• Minor Customizations Can Greatly Enhance Bitrix24: Four Examples

    Yana Prokopets 20 July 2015
    MAKE Interactive, Bitrix Gold Partner, Netherlands.

    IMPORTANT. This integration is currently available for self-hosted Bitrix24 only.

    A few additions to Bitrix24 to facilitate the main activities that your company performs can make a very big difference in both adoption and return on the investment that you put into your intranet. There is always a give-and-take in the implementation of any technology, but finding the pain points for users and alleviating them can have big rewards.

    For an experienced Bitrix partner, it’s not hard to make minor adjustments that avoid the notorious “work-around” --  the adjustment that your employees have to make in order to accommodate the way the software works. The reverse is how it should be: your software should be adjusted to the way you work.

    Below are some minor adjustments that have been placed into Bitrix24 onsite intranets which are small in scope, but great in effect. The following specific examples, we hope, will help to trigger ideas for improvements in your Bitrix24 – and we’d love to hear about them!

    Support ticket widget.  

    At an IT service company, the majority of employees that interact with clients need to use the ticketing system. That means getting it on the front page and getting it looking good.
    1. Sits next to Activity Stream on main page
    2. Lists tickets in various statuses / responsibility
    3. Links to ticket list view filtered according to Point 2 above
    4. Customized skin on ticket list


    Visually-enhanced ticket list

    Customized template of ticket list

    3-level menu.

    Modifying the right-hand menu in Bitrix24 is a little tricky, because the menu items are generated from various sources and displayed according to various access permissions and user preferences. However, the menu can be manipulated and rearranged in whatever way you need. As a side note, several clients have replaced the right hand menu with a vertical menu so as to save space on the page.
    In this case, a company needed to include a large number of content pages in their intranet and so requested another level in the regular menu. The result is a 3rd level of menu items that collapse like the second level.
    1. The feature does not interfere with My Workspace.
    2. The implementation did not require the extra menu sections to support the personalized menu tool (the gear at the top right of the menu).
    3. It does support the Create Page function and automatic menu item creation.

    Gantt Chart with connectors.

    A more expressive Gantt Chart was required by the client.  This interface customization makes a nice addition to any company that makes use of tasks in teams.  
    1. Extended Gantt chart functionality and improved visual structure.
    2. Visual links between tasks
    3. Additional field sorting options in task display.
    4. Easy filter interface that works like CRM and list filters.

    If you are interested in this or similar customization in your onsite Bitrix24 installation, please contact Make-Interactive directly:

    Services: Cloud & Self-hosted versions
    Location: Tilburg, the Netherlands
    Phone: +31 (0)13-7620150
    Email: sales@make-interactive.com
    Website: make-interactive.com

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