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  • The following is a guest post by Julia Bedrosova, one of the leading Bitrix24 consulting and customization providers at Upwork.

    One of our customers asked us to add a tasks list grouping by responsible person feature in Bitrix24. It is also required to be able to change a responsible person by simple dragging tasks to the appropriate group. This customer has self-hosted Bitrix24, so we were able to add a required functionality.

    Tasks list in Bitrix24 may be sorted and filtered by responsible person, but the customer was not satisfied with these both options, he would like to have an ability to group tasks list by responsible person as additional grouping level.
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  • 5 Marketing Automation Tips for Small Businesses

    Yuliya Skorobogatova 29 March 2017
    Most small businesses that consider employing marketing automation have concerns about the budget, time and effort. Does it pay off? 79% of your top-performing competitors say yes. Marketing automation allows you to target the right customers with the right message at the right time, which can work wonders for your lead management, conversions, and long-term ROI. And, that’s not where the benefits end.

    Here’s why you should start automating your marketing workflow with CRM software, plus how to do it.

  • Customer Story: FRoSTA

    Yuliya Skorobogatova 27 March 2017
    "Many employees immediately began organizing numerous work & project groups. They are now communicating internationally and collaborating on documents without having to resort to unsightly e-mail newsletters or time-consuming searches for the most relevant and latest document versions."

    Andrea van Bezouwen
    Intranet Coordinator

    It was a major challenge for us to bring together all 1,600 workers at a virtual location in order to enable them to communicate better and work more effectively. Since our company is in the production sector, only about 1/3 of the employees have network access with an e-mail account, meaning that 2/3 of our staff were not being sufficiently informed.

  • Love It or Hate It, Chatbots Are Here To Stay

    Yuliya Skorobogatova 23 March 2017
    As artificial technology continues to lead us forward, we cannot but look around and ask: should we rejoice the newly-established order or fear its eventual ascendancy? We’ve left the Dark Ages far behind, but what for? Is Westworld the framework for the future?

    Since curiosity is innately human, these and similar questions will remain. By 2020, conversation agents will manage 85% of B2C relations. If their development continues at a similar pace, perhaps some of our questions will finally be answered.

  • b7dd4cd3a81256e7121cfae342160c38.png
    As we are rapidly approaching Bitrix24 fourth anniversary and spring release, new CRM features have been added to all Bitrix24 accounts.

  • 35ab111367cde6189563c7ec98ad9f8c.png
    What separates Hard Rock Cafe from any other restaurant? Do we collect their t-shirts to publicly brag about all the cities around the world we’ve travelled to? Is their logo a nice way to flaunt our dedication to the company’s brand, thus expressing our cosmopolitan lifestyle? If so, then what makes this phenomenon so tempting, so distinctive in comparison to others in the industry?

  • Meet New Tasks Slider

    Yana Prokopets 16 March 2017

    From now on you don't need to reload your Bitrix24 page when creating a new task. A new convenient slider will appear from the right side of your page, allowing to add new tasks on the go.

    Now you can switch between tasks forms faster & get more things done with your Bitrix24!

    P.S. Use link icon (located next to task's name) to copy task link if you want to open the task form the old way.  
  • Introduction To Business Process Management

    Yuliya Skorobogatova 15 March 2017
    Business process management, the latest corporate buzzword, is extremely valuable to business. Why? It allows companies to maximize profitability and gain a competitive edge over their rivals. Using BPM makes it quicker and easier to develop and deploy custom applications, while enabling a fast response to any changes in regulatory, customer and market demands.

    What exactly does business process management mean? According to the United Nations, BPM is a system that supports the workflows necessary for running a successful company. You can invest in BPM software for all aspects of your business, from design, control, enactment, and even analysis of performance and data.
  • Meet MIA

    Yana Prokopets 14 March 2017
    Many of you have seen your newest team member MIA (My Intelligent Assistant). MIA is a chat bot and you can ask her questions about Bitrix24 or anything, really. We’ve created MIA with two goals in mind. First, this bot helps with new user engagement by encouraging them to start talking with other Bitrix24 users. Second, the bot helps these new users learn about Bitrix24 by answering user questions.


    As we are beta testing MIA, we are looking forward to hearing your feedback how MIA helps you and what improvements you’d welcome. If you’d like to stop receiving MIA’s notifications, simply enter this command – “/disableNotify welcome”.
  • Bitrix24 Gold partner MAKE Interactive has released a new free app that allows you to convert .docx files to PDF quotes. See CRM PDF.


    This app allows the creation of PDFs from Quotes in the Bitrix24 CRM using templates that can be built by the user. Templates are in .docx format and can be stored in a folder in any Bitrix24 Drive. Templates support variables from Quote fields as well as images, headers, and footers.

    Quotes made with the app can also include additional columns in the product table, such as product description, discount description, etc. The app does not yet support invoices but does support custom fields created in Quotes.
    Tags: CRM, marketplace
  • Bitrix24 Is Now Available In Turkish!

    Dmitry Davydov 7 March 2017

    We've added Turkish to the list of languages cloud Bitrix24 service is available in. To change your account interface to Turkish, simply scroll down and change your language settings to Turkish. We'd like to thank Bitrix24 partner Skala Teknoloji for assistance.

    Tags: Turkey, turkish
  • Bitrix24 partner M.C.Art has released an app that allows you to integrate Evernote with your Bitrix24 account. This app gives you access to your Evernote notes and notebooks inside your account and ability to convert these to Bitrix24 tasks and activity stream posts.


    Tags: apps, evernote, marketplace
  • Sales Funnel Guide: 4 Keys to Success

    Yuliya Skorobogatova 2 March 2017
    A sales funnel, sometimes referred to as a marketing, purchase or revenue funnel, is a graphic illustration of the overall journey that a prospect goes through before finally becoming a customer.

    Its shape isn’t accidental, though. While the word “sales” clearly indicates the nature of this process, “funnel” represents the sales principle in general. Regardless of offer or niche, each sale begins with many potential customers at the top, necks down as it loses leads and concludes at the narrow bottom, where the purchase is finally made.

  • Amazon Web Services Outage

    Dmitry Davydov 28 February 2017
    It appears that Amazon Web Services are experiencing major outages - . According to TechCrunch, a number of web services are affected. Unfortunately, we are among them. Our techs are working in close contact with AWS specialists in order to mitigate the issue. We'll keep you updated on any progress made.

    P.S. Amazon has resolved their issues and the service is back to normal. We are sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused.
  • The Best Gantt Chart Practices in Project Management

    Yuliya Skorobogatova 27 February 2017

    A Gantt chart is one of the most popular tools used in project management for showcasing various activities and clear objectives displayed against the planned time for their completion, as well as the exact time of their actual duration. Unlike other methods, the Gantt chart uses a visual approach to clearly show upcoming tasks, as well as the time allocated for their development, and the next planned step.

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