Meet Your New Bitrix24 – Fall 2017 Presentation

Meet Your New Bitrix24 – Fall 2017 Presentation
Dmitry Davydov
November 22, 2017
Last updated: November 19, 2019

Yesterday we’ve introduced new Bitrix24. If you’ve missed the webinar, here’s the recording:

If you are pressed for time, here’s what’s new.

Bitrix24 Sites

Yes, you can now create websites and landing pages directly from inside your Bitrix24 account. Here’s an example what a website created with Bitrix24 free site builder looks like.

Bitrix24 CRM

We’ve completely redesigned CRM interface and introduced sales targets, integration with Google Maps and marketing campaigns. You will soon be able to send bulk emails, bulk SMS and do voice broadcasting campaigns.

Bitrix24 Tasks and Projects

We’ve introduced Projects and linked Kanban stages to task statuses – something that many of you have asked us to do. And Efficiency Reports inside your Bitrix24 account will soon help you understand which employees and departments are the most productive.

Bitrix24 Open Channels

If you relied on Bitrix24 for providing customer support via live chat, you’ll appreciate the fact that canned replies are now at your disposal.

Bitrix24 Communications

We’ve done a lot to beef up our communications and collaboration module. Post view statistics, video announcements, drive use statistics, safe drive cleanup, new mobile app are already or soon will be available to you. Oh, and don't forget to check out beta version of new Bitrix24 calendars.

For more details, please see https://new.bitrix24.site/

P.S. Our Brazilian partner Br24 has recorded this webinar in Portuguese as well.

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