Top 10 business tools for remote work

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Struggling to reach
the productivity levels
you used to have in the office?
These 10 tools will help you

Remote work:
challenge or chance?

Working remotely
can open up a lot of possibilities for your business -
if you have the right tools

Scientifically proven and
guaranteed to improve
your team’s efficiency and

Top 10 tools
your company needs 
for remote work

No organized remote work is possible without a reliable online time clock

Work time tracking

Being able to quickly find
an employee and contact them
via chat is crucial for remote work

Online employee
directory and chats

It’s like your personal vlog
where you share
important news
and updates with your team


Dialing a person
to quickly discuss some issue
over the phone or video call -
it doesn’t get easier than this

and voice calls

Scheduling events
in an online calendar
is important since people tend
to forget about those things

Calendar and
recurring meetings

Holding big online meetings
with many participants - this is
the new normal


A little automation
can never hurt.
Using task templates and
automation is a way to go

Repeat tasks

Virtual departments
in your company function like
the real ones


The technology
has been there for years -
we just forgot how to use it

cloud storage
and file-sharing

A place where information,
people, and work all come
together in a familiar way

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