Which technique/method to choose?

Let’s take a look at 5 techniques and 2 methodologies of effective project management

Work breakdown structure

It is easier to work on a big and complex project if you can break it into smaller tasks, and this is precisely what this technique helps you do

Critical path method

If you run a big business, the main problem is how to coordinate numerous and complex projects. This method helps you do it by scheduling multiple project tasks more efficiently

Program evaluation review technique

This project management technique serves as an excellent visual representation of the work breakdown structure and the critical path method combined

Gantt chart

This project management technique is quite helpful with projects on which you cannot take more than one task at a time


The primary purpose of this project management technique is to set upper limits to your work progress in order to avoid potential overload


This method helps organize business management tasks in an efficient sequence to follow for optimal results


This technique focuses on the team rather than the business plan and welcomes feedback from the customers as an invaluable resource for business development

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