What is a task management tool?

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It’s what every
successful project needs…
in order to be successful!

How to choose
the right task management tool?

As always,
the three main criteria are
ease of use, capabilities,
and affordable price

#1 task management tool 

A well-balanced solution
that features Gantt charts,
Kanban board,
and other popular
task management tools


A solid choice for those
who’ve never used a project
management system before.
Easy to use and nicely designed

#2 task management tool


If you are looking for both personal and group
task management software,
Todoist is the right choice for you

#3 task management tool


In addition to helping you
manage tasks, Wrike also allows
you to manage resources
and distribute the workload

#4 task management tool


Popular among project managers,
Nifty is great for being implemented in an agile work

#5 task management tool


A simple yet efficient
team task management software,
Monday.com is very visual
and has a simplistic design

#6 task management tool


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