Basic questions that need to be addressed

How to make sure everything is delivered on time? How to track work progress? What communication tools to use?

Structure your communication the smart way

It is hard to beat an in-person (or online) meeting for the whole group if you all want to get on the same page

Assigning tasks to your team members

Set up tasks with detailed instructions, deadlines, and links to the key documents. Add a responsible person, participants, and observers

Managing your team’s time (and your own)

Good team task management needs timings that work to avoid burnout and maintain engagement. It’s important to be realistic and fair about your expectations

Best way to track team tasks

When it comes to your projects, being able to both see the big picture and drill down into the details is crucial

Running things more efficiently

Create consecutive tasks to give yourself time to check over a piece of work before the next step is taken up by a colleague

Kaizen: Continuous improvement

Analyze your team task management performance periodically. This way, you can spot areas for improvement while keeping your eyes open for new opportunities

Rinse and repeat

With your tasks assigning themselves and your team working at a high level, you’ll have the time to revisit your processes and see where you can make improvements`

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