[EQ] Zalo

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[EQ] Zalo
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A simple app help to connect your Zalo OA with Bitrix24, you can chat with user via open channel

More detail: https://bitrix24.eqvn.net/tien-ich/tich-hop-oa-zalo/

Version 1
Zalo OA integration

Mr. Tuan Le - Technical head
Email: tuan.le@eqs.vn
Install steps
1. Create zalo app and linked a Zalo OA
2. Active official account API
3. Active webhook events
4. Go to your Bitrix24 account and enter your license in order to enable the app
5. Go to Contact Center menu and click to [EQ] Zalo OA
6. Enter your Zalo app id then copy "Official Account Callback Url" and "Webhook URL" to the Zalo app
7. Comeback to the Bitrix24 account then click to "Grant access for app"