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This is an additional application, which integrates two cloud services: "Bitrix24" and "MyStore"  (

Data exchange can be carried out in manual and automatic modes. All the necessary information between "Bitrix24" and "MyStore" is transferred automatically without creating any intermediate files.

The application implements a two-way syncronization for Deals and Invoices created or modified in "Bitrix24" or in "MyStore". Information about the Contact is transmitted together with Document data.

The "MyStore24" application for "Bitrix24" cannot replace "MyStore" cloud service.

Note: A 30-days trial is free. Because Bitrix24 Marketplace does not yet   support apps billing, everything is marked as free. The current price   is here.

Version 3
2-way sync between Bitrix24 and MyStore

The customer support is provided by "MyStore24" Integration interface.

Also you can use this link for customer support.
The app is installed automatically from Bitrix24 Marketplace.

Documentation can be found here.