Asterisk Integration

Asterisk Integration

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  • Updated: 05/15/2017
  • Published: 03/28/2017
  • Installations: 1148
  • Version: 2

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  • Solution on direct integration Asterisk and Bitrix24 by REST API.
    Application is a module for FreePBX not lower than 13th version, which is integrated in Dialplan.
    Module possibilities:
    • searching for responsible call operator in CRM and redirecting the call to him. If an operator is not responding, the call goes further according to Dialplan;
    • opening of lead/contact profile for the operator to whom a call has been directed and hiding it later if the operator is not responding;
    • creating a lead when calling, if there is not such a phone number in CRM;
    • creating an event such as “Call” in a lead/contact profile which fix the duration of a conversation;
    • attaching the conversation recording (transcript) to the event “Call”;
    • queue and ring groups compliance.
    The Application is being on beta testing now. If you find it works incorrectly, please report to us.

  • Version 2
    Added permissions to trace call redirections

    Version 1
    Решение по прямой интеграции FreePBX и Битрикс24

  • If you have any questions please write to
  • Module installation in FreePBX

    Go to FreePBX control panel ’ Module Administration and choose Upload Modules

    Insert module URL

    and press Download.

    Then head over to local module administration or Manage local modules. In the section Admin choose the module Bitrix24, choose Install and Process. After that confirm and wait for the end of installation. Press Return.

    Then press Apply Config.

    Go to Admin ’ Informunity Bitrix24.

    Bitrix24 address - address of your Bitrix24 portal

    FreePBX address - FreePBX server external address, fr om which Bitrix24 portal will take call recordings. Also Click to Call agent will be registered at this address.

    For the function Click2Call to work correctly you should open access (redirect) minimum for IP

    Module Registration

    Fill in the required items: Portal address and FreePBX address.

    Press  Register to start the registration.

    After applying the authorisation window will be opened at your Bitrix24 portal.

    After authorization you will get the application code which is to insert and press Register.

    If for some reason you didn’t get application code, press Return. Check input data and register again. Only once you should authorize.

    General module settings

    Consider manager in charge - if choose “yes” incoming call goes to a manager with a designated lead or a current phone number contact, before applying the call-routing.

    Internal Numbers Cache - cache time in hours. If internal number is added or changed in Bitrix24, clear cache.

    User ID - ID of the Manager, to whom the event is tied if the call was not answered and an incoming call was designated to none of other managers.

    Create a lead for an unknown number - when a new lead creation is needed: Always, Never or Only for incoming.

    Inbound Routes Module Setting

    Setting is necessary for calls to be registered and profiles to be created when a call is inbound.

    To activate the module find Connectivity ’ Inbound Routes, choose the route; go to the view Other and in the section Informunity Bitrix24 change Enable Inbound to “Yes” or “Assessment” position.

    Assessment - in this mode client will be offered to assess the QoS. Values from 0 to 5 are accepted. You may configure Greeting message and Thank you message.

    Outbound Routes Module Setting

    The setting is necessary for calls to be registered and profiles to be opened when a call is outbound.

    To activate the module go to Connectivity ’ Outbound Routes, choose the route; find the view Additional Settings and in the section Informunity Bitrix24 change Enable Outbound to “Yes” or “Assessment” position.

    If Route Type is se t to Intra-Company on this route the module is not necessary to activate.

    Module updating

    Starting from version you can monitor module updats.

    To install module update press Upload Module Version.

    After that the updated version will be downloaded and you will see Module Administration, wh ere you should update the module.

    Bitrix24 settings

    You should specify internal numbers of CRM users:

    For click2call function you should configure number for outgoing calls as “Application: Asterisk Integration” for users or specify this in telephony settings:

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