Software PRO Checkbox

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Software PRO Checkbox

With the help of the application, you will be able to transfer the agreement to Checkbox software and print a check or send it to the client in a communication channel convenient for him.

An action is created in the robots and workflow designer, which can be placed at the right stage and with the right conditions. For example, perform only for the payment type "Full prepayment" at the stage "Shipping".

Please note that the action can be added to business processes only if this functionality is available on your tariff plan. You can check it in the compatibility scanner or on the Bitrix24 feature comparison page, item "Workflow Designer".

As a result of the action, it is possible to receive a PDF file with a receipt or a direct link to it. The data can be sent to the client via SMS, messenger or mail.

The execution status is fixed and can be used in further processing.

To work, you need to register in the Checkbox service. Tariffs are indicated on the service website.

Detailed description of the process of starting work "How to start work with PRO"

Before the receipts are printed, the shift will be opened automatically.

The completion of the change can be configured automatically in the profile settings, or manually on the sales page.

You can use special fields to transfer the type of payment and its name. In this way, you can transfer advance payments and more.

Version 1
An application that can be used to send a transaction to the Checkbox software for registration and transfer of the check to the tax office.

- phone: +38 (044) 339 50 81, +38 (073) 284 60 55, +38 (067) 301 30 44

- email:

- viber: i-business

- telegram: ibiz_bot

The Checkbox software application is installed by default from the Bitrix24 Market.

You need to check the boxes in the installation form and click the "Install" button.

After installation, new fields will be added to the agreement: Check file, Check ID, Check link, Check formation status.