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21 Top Google Calendar Alternatives You Must Try

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Vlad Kovalskiy
12 min
Updated: April 10, 2024
Vlad Kovalskiy
Updated: April 10, 2024
21 Top Google Calendar Alternatives You Must Try
If you're seeking alternatives to Google Calendar you've come to the article you need! Whether you're a freelancer or entrepreneur, project manager or someone with a job where a calendar is a tool for organizing schedules and keeping track of important tasks and events… Why would you want an alternative to Google Calendar? Well it's certainly a tool that countless people worldwide rely on to manage their schedules effectively. So let’s move into a detailed description.

You’d be excused for forgetting that there once was a time when calendars were made of paper and hung on the wall of your kitchen. In what seems like an instant, computerized calendars that can sync with each other have become ubiquitous, and businesses are all the better for it. 

However, with ever-present questions over safety from hackers and how developers such as Google use your data, more and more organizations are looking to Google Calendar alternatives. Rather than having well-paid teams working on inaccessible code, open-source calendars offer complete transparency with software that you can even use offline. 

Top Google Calendar Alternatives You Must Try

If you have in mind that Google Calendar is suitable for everyone and every organization, you are mistaken. We have prepared a selection of quite popular alternatives that you can bring for your projects, like Google Calendar. All of them have numbers of users and retain the best features for your projects. By choosing the service to manage your time, you get a complete solution for your work schedule. So we will describe the options, and then you can find the ideal alternative to Google Calendar for your company. Let’s roll straight into the topic!

1. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 offers either a cloud-based or self-hosted Google Calendar alternative with a vast array of other business tools natively integrated with your scheduling app. Setting up a call with a client? Take your notes directly in your CRM. Attending a project meeting? Lay out all your next steps in your project and task management tool. 

The variety of use cases provided along unlimited calendars you can use individually, on a team-level, or over the company as a whole give you ultimate flexibility. It’s great for growing organizations too, with one price tag for unlimited users and support for both the cloud and open-source versions.

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2. Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Along with Google, Microsoft Outlook Calendar is one of the standard-bearers of free online calendars. You can run a bunch of team calendars at the same time and share them with others or view them to see when there's an available slot for a meeting. 

An easy decision for teams already using Microsoft tools, this Google Calendar alternative combines well with native email, video conferencing, and docs to keep most of your work in one place. But despite being one of the world's most recognizable names, it doesn't match the breadth of capabilities that Bitrix24 offers. That said, it's an easy-to-use interface that will make scheduling a breeze.

3. Teamup Calendar

Moving into the Google Calendar alternatives that aren't exactly household names, Teamup is great for organizations that need a customizable framework for their scheduling needs. It's well-designed for companies of all sizes and, with time zones accounted for and the ability to sign one event to multiple calendars. 

Teamup is all about flexibility, which you can see through the 11 different views. With that, each of your team members can adapt it to what suits them best, zooming in for the minute detail and taking a step back for a broad look over a month or a year. 

4. TimeBlocks

TimeBlocks has realized the importance of usability when producing a Google Calendar alternative, and they’ve included a range of features to that end. When you’ve got a packed day or week, the app will automatically zoom in to give you a clearer view. This stops the annoying need to go to drop downs or use finger commands. 

The drag-and-drop tool is great for quick and easy scheduling on your mobile or desktop, and even if everyone else is using Google, you can sync those calendars to get the best of both worlds. 

5. Cal already had a calendar in their task management software when they decided to create Cal — the app designed specifically for scheduling and organizing your timetable. Like other Google Calendar alternatives, you can add locations to your events, whether through physical maps or virtual video call links. 

It has a beautiful user interface and you can add photos to your meetings to spice them up a little. Similarly, you can attach notes so everybody is prepared in advance.

6. DigiCal Calendar Agenda

DigiCal puts a focus on the real-world environment around their appointments. With integrated weather forecasts and a location search, it’s a great app for jobs where you can face the elements, such as event planning and travelling sales. 

DigiCal doesn’t have quite as many views as Teamup, but seven calendar visualizations and six widget views still allow your team to adapt their calendar to what suits them. Similarly, you can get going in no time with nine templates for your widget themes that you can go on to customize based on your strategy.

7. TimeTree

TimeTree works just as well for work within a company as well as for your free time and family outside the office. A simple tool without many stand-out features, it does what you want a calendar to do, but not a great deal more. 

This doesn’t make it a particularly bad option, however. It is perfect for a bare-bones team where all you need is a simple scheduling app. One extra that goes with your calendar is the shared notes and lists feature, so you can prepare for meetings and take notes like a pro.

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8. Zoho Calendar

Like Bitrix24 and Microsoft, Zoho is one of those Google Calendar alternatives that links up other proprietary apps in an effort to give that all-in-one offering. However, using Zoho apps as the building blocks of your business can get quite pricey, with many apps paid for individually. 

That said, it gives you everything you want out of a team calendar, with scheduling, sharing, and syncing. You can also embed your calendars when building your website to give as a handy tool for event planning. Put simply, if your team is already up and running on Zoho, it’s a smart choice. 

9. Edo Agenda

Edo Agenda includes basic task management tools to its calendar offering so you can be more meticulous in the meetings and appointments you schedule. You couldn’t really call it a project management app, but the to-do lists and reminders can keep you and your team on track. 

Aimed at freelancers, you can get a decent idea of your productivity in the Planner feature, and you can get a lot of those features in the free version, with more unlocked on paid accounts. One feature that freelancers love are snippets, where you can quickly take down notes about new ideas or projects and save them to your calendar.

10. Jorte

Jorte is all about customization, with themes and colorschemes that you can adapt to make the calendar more attractive. You can even mirror your company’s branding, which works well if you’re embedding your calendars on your website. 

It’s a great Google Calendar alternative for those who want to stay up to the minute. You can integrate it with news websites and weather updates to get your feed of information as you plan out your day. 

11. Nextcloud Calendar

Like Bitrix24, Nextcloud Calendar gives you a self-hosted Google Calendar alternative so you can keep total control over your own data. If security concerns are why you’re looking to move away from the big names, Nextcloud is a smart option. 

You get pretty impressive features along with your calendar, such as file storage and sharing, instant messenger, emailing, and even video chats. While it doesn’t have quite the same breadth of uses as Bitrix24, it still goes above and beyond many of the other products listed here.

12. Cozi

Cozi is the first on this list that isn’t designed for businesses, although it is quite capable of working for them. Instead, it was created as a family-focused app, combining to-do lists, birthday trackers and a calendar that everyone can use. Each schedule comes in a different color for easy identification, and you can automate reminders to keep everyone on track.

With its emphasis on family life, Cozi comes with recipes and meal planners that you can add to as you go. That in turn informs your shopping lists — another feature that gives you one less thing to remember. 

13. Business Calendar 2

Business Calendar 2 is made to be as user-friendly as possible, and while it might take a little while to get used to, it can make you considerably more agile when you’re on the go. For example, one swipe can take you from a one-day to a 14-day view, and tap to get quick-view details for each event. 

There are seven widgets that you can attach to your home screen, saving you time in the morning as you check your to-do list for the day. As an additional extra, you can attach files and photos to your activities to add context. 

14. Apple Calendar

Anyone who is used to iOS products will have no problem working their way around Apple Calendar. Even new users will be able to handle its super-easy interface that you could mistake for a Google app without the primary colors. You can create events with invites, locations, FaceTime links, and alerts across a range of synced calendars.

However, Apple Calendar shares a drawback of its Google counterpart. If your team isn’t all connected to Apple products, you’re going to find a lot of difficulty in your organization. 

Best Google Calendar Alternative For Your Company

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15. nTask

nTask is primarily designed for project management, but all that is based around a powerful calendar tool. You can create meetings and appointments with just a few clicks of a button, and schedule tasks in preparation or as a result of your events. Wherever there are timings involved, you can set deadlines and due dates, as well as automatic reminders to keep control of your projects. 

Unlike some of the simpler platforms on this list, you also get communication and collaboration tools. Features like instant messenger and document sharing allow you to channel much of your work through your calendar, keeping your projects neat and tidy.

16. Etar

Another one of the open-source Google Calendar alternatives on our list, Etar is a simple tool that you can download for free. Etar uses CalDAV Android syncing so if you’re moving from Google, you can transfer your scheduling from Google.

Sure, it doesn’t have a crazy amount of functions, the fact that it has been built through global collaboration makes it simple and secure, with a great community to reach out for if you’re getting into difficulty. Etar gives you a dark theme, which programmers and those with vision difficulties find to be an excellent addition. 

17. Proton Calendar

Another of our open-source options, Proton Calendar is a free app that doesn’t come with a bunch of ads and dubious data dealings, and uses end-to-end encryption for further security. 

Not exactly bursting with features, it does cover all the basics to make our list of Google Calendar alternatives. Therefore, you can get a range of views, launch recurring events, put widgets on your homescreen, and set notifications and reminders. However, you can’t create notes related to your tasks or import your data from calendars you’ve used in the past. 

18. Fantastical

Working on the iOS network, Fantastical brings together all your meetings and events in one place. It is a highly intuitive app with customizable templates that you can use to fast-track your scheduling. Although it doesn’t have a great wealth of functions itself, you can incorporate many third-party integrations such as weather apps, video call tools and even other calendars. 

For enhanced usability, you get automatic time zone support, light and dark modes, and home screen widgets for your mobile app.

19. ProofHub

ProofHub is a project management software that provides a solution for your projects and team collaboration needs. It offers a range of features including collaboration tools, detailed reporting capabilities and effective admin control measures. With ProofHub you can have control over your projects and manage them in a more intuitive manner. Trusted by over 85,000 teams and businesses worldwide, ProofHub might be a good solution for you.

Task management is made easy with this software. It allows teams of any size to efficiently manage tasks, streamline workflows and achieve their goals. You can easily assign tasks to individuals or multiple team members all in one location. Breaking tasks into subtasks is also possible for manageability. To provide clarity to your tasks you have the option to add labels, set start and due dates, estimate time needed for completion, track time spent on each task, create recurring tasks and attach files conveniently.

ProofHub also provides a project scheduling calendar where you can organize all your events, tasks and milestones effortlessly. The calendar allows you to add recurring tasks or events without the need to manually recreate them every time. Automatic reminders ensure that you never miss out on meetings or deadlines listed on your schedule. Additionally, you have the flexibility to limit the visibility of milestones and events to people as needed. You can subscribe to any calendar to the ProofHub calendar system and download them in various formats such as PDFs, CSVs or iCal formats.

20. Asana

Asana can be named as a known alternative to Google Calendar and an easy-to-use work management tool. It offers a way to produce and manage team projects, also it is described in relation to the tasks. With Asana’s data model work, teams can organize their work within one platform. It helps to use their ability to meet deadlines with high speed. When using Asana you can outline every detail without any special efforts, steps and aspects of your work too.

The board's feature in Asana provides a representation of the progress of your work. It permits you to easily identify any obstacles or bottlenecks, plan the steps effectively and take action to stay on track. Furthermore it allows you to track the progress of projects simultaneously and gain real time insights into your team's workload. Asana's automation feature is incredibly useful in streamlining workflows by eliminating tasks and reducing errors. This time saving functionality enables you to allocate time, towards addressing crucial matters.

21. Basecamp

Basecamp stands out as a competitor to Google Calendar offering project management and team communication capabilities. With Basecamp you can effectively organize your work into projects. Minimize your reliance on chaotic and disorganized emails. Each project in Basecamp brings all the elements such as team members, discussions, documents, tasks, files, dates, events and more.

To enhance collaboration with your team members, Basecamp provides a set of tools including message boards, to dos schedules, document sharing, file storage and real time group chat in the same way as Bitrix24. Furthermore you have the convenience of accessing Basecamp from any location and on any device whenever you want.

Final Thoughts

More and more, small and growing businesses are finding that the best Google Calendar alternatives are those that offer all your business needs — not just scheduling. These simplify your work onto one platform, where everything is interlinked and nothing can fall through the cracks. Still others are looking for open-source Google Calendar alternatives — excellent for maximum customization and unparalleled security

Bitrix24 takes both of these advantages and combines them into one powerful, but easy-to-use platform. Sound like what your company needs? Sign up for free today


Why choose a Google Calendar alternative?

Many organizations are moving away from Google in order to:

  • Get more capabilities for your business
  • Stay on top of your schedule
  • Customize calendars for your own needs
  • Enhance security
  • Improve usability

Why choose a self-hosted calendar?

Self-hosted Google Calendar alternatives allow you take full control over the design and functionality of your software. Similarly, you get added security by containing all your data on your own servers.

What features do the best calendars for mobile have?

The best Google Calendar alternatives on mobile have the following qualities:

  • Fast syncing across devices
  • Customizable widgets on your homescreen
  • Availability on Android and iOS
  • A clear, responsive interface

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