Articles 8 Email Marketing Optimization Techniques Using Powerful CRM Software

8 Email Marketing Optimization Techniques Using Powerful CRM Software

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Vlad Kovalskiy
10 min
Updated: January 17, 2024
Vlad Kovalskiy
Updated: January 17, 2024
8 Email Marketing Optimization Techniques Using Powerful CRM Software
Email marketing optimization: A tried-and-tested mindset that never stops advancing.

In their mission to stand out and connect with customers in a meaningful way, businesses from all industries are constantly on the lookout for the latest gains in their marketing campaigns that ultimately lead to a boost in conversions.

Mission control for these efforts is customer relationship management software (CRM) — a one-stop shop for gathering data, segmenting your users, launching your campaigns, and analyzing their results. 

At Bitrix24, we know the value of email marketing optimization techniques, and in this article, we’re going to show you how you can use them to boost your campaigns. 


Some of the best ways to optimize email marketing are to:

  • Understand your audience

  • Create eye-catching subject lines to tempt your audience in

  • Provide clear CTAs to nudge users to the next step

  • Take a mobile-first approach

  • Tailor your emails to different segments of your audience

How can CRM software optimize your email marketing strategy?

CRM software can optimize your email marketing strategy by:

  • Automatically segmenting new leads based on their profile

  • Personalizing each message with data from your CRM

  • Running A/B tests to see what content works best

  • Automating campaign workflows to save time

  • Providing insights into campaign performance

What are the benefits of integrating a CRM system into email marketing?

Integrating a CRM system into email marketing benefits teams by removing time-consuming work, reducing the possibility of human error, and using data-driven insights for success. 

What is one of the most powerful email marketing optimization techniques?

One of the most powerful email marketing optimization techniques is gamification, which involves incorporating game elements into emails to increase engagement and conversions. 

1. Using a CRM to understand your audience

Marketing would be so easy if you could simply wave a magic wand and immediately understand your audience. Unfortunately, technology hasn’t reached that stage yet, but the next best thing is a customer relationship management (CRM) system

Knowing who your customers are, what they want, and how they interact with your brand is crucial in crafting effective email campaigns, and robust CRM is instrumental in the process. For instance, you can get clear, concise visualizations about demographics, purchase history, and interactions with your business. 

Understanding your audience is the cornerstone of email marketing optimization, as you can use your data analysis to inform future interactions. Data analysis tools show you where your customers are and how they interact with you, so you can fine-tune your approach when it comes to email marketing. 

And with that data in hand, we’re going to explore practical implications of how you can improve your communications with each segment of customers. 

2. Leveraging segmentation and personalization

Once you have a deep understanding of your audience, the next step in email marketing optimization is segmentation and personalization. These techniques involve dividing your audience into distinct groups based on various factors including their behavior, interests, and demographics, and then tailoring your emails to meet each group's specific needs and preferences. 

No audience is totally uniform, and segmentation allows you to send highly targeted emails that resonate with subgroups of your audience. But how do you segment your users in the first place? 

Your lead-generation efforts will generally happen through CRM integrations like web forms that gather data that your user has filled in manually, usually their name, email address, and telephone number. However, it also scrapes metadata such as the country they are in, based on their IP address. In combination with customer behavior, you can automatically sort your database into subcategories and target each one specifically. 

This data also allows you to write a standard message with customizable parameters that fill in text from predetermined fields. Taking the first name as an example, rather than wasting time going through each email one by one and editing the name, your CRM will instantly personalize the message while you get on with more important tasks. Personalized emails are more likely to be opened, read, and acted upon, making them a powerful tool for optimizing email marketing for conversions.

3. Running A/B testing to refine your strategy

Also known as split testing, the A/B method involves creating two versions of an email with one key difference, sending them to two similar audience segments, and analyzing which version performs better. 

The beauty of A/B testing lies in its simplicity and its power. You can test almost any element of your email, from the subject line and call to action, to the content and layout. By comparing the performance of the two versions, you can gain valuable insights into what resonates with your audience and what doesn't.

Create replicable workflow templates to structure your approach to A/B testing to make the process more scientific:

  • Choose a variable

  • Set your testing goal

  • Create two emails, the only difference being your variable

  • Send out the emails to similar groups

  • Analyze your results

In the uncertain world of marketing, A/B testing is one of the most sensible and reliable email marketing optimization techniques. By using an iterative process of testing, learning, and optimizing, you adopt a scientific way to improve your email campaigns with the ultimate goal of smashing your key performance indicators (KPIs). 

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4. Delving deep into marketing automation

In today’s business landscape, it’s impossible to compete without applying marketing automation to your strategy. In all likelihood, you probably already use it. From immediate segmentation and personalized emails to automated replies and calendar reminders, automation are everywhere these days.

But to get the most out of automation, you can go much, much deeper. Automation in email marketing involves sending targeted messages to your subscribers at the right time, without manual intervention. This not only saves time and resources but also ensures that your emails are timely, relevant, and effective.

It all works on triggers and actions. For example, once a customer makes a purchase (trigger), your CRM software sends a confirmation email (action). You can get seriously creative with your CRM triggers. For example, if a customer has gone quiet, you can wake them up with a 10% discount. Similarly, you can craft a template email to send out when you’ve received a bad review and get valuable feedback while letting your customer feel heard.

Automation is among the most effective email marketing optimization techniques as it allows for rapid, focused responses as if you have an individual marketing agent on each and every one of your clients.

5. Optimizing the content of your emails

Moving away from the structural side and more into the creative realm, improving email content has been a core technique since the birth of emails. But it’s more than taking a look and adding in extra lines you think sound nice.

To begin with, you can’t ignore the importance of mobile design. Creating a newsletter for desktop users that appears badly formatted on a smartphone screams unprofessionalism and cuts you off from a large wedge of your customer base.

When it comes to the content, your subject line is the first thing your subscribers see, and the first test of your content quality. If you can’t convince people to open your email, they won’t even see your CTA; never mind click on it. Therefore, make it pique your users’ interest or offer value from the outset. 

Next to your body. Don’t fall into the trap of detailing every aspect of what you want to get across. Attention spans are short these days, and you’re aiming for customer engagement, so keep it to the point. 

But really, what you’re doing is optimizing email marketing for conversions, and the key element here is your call to action (CTA). This is what guides your subscribers to the next step you have in mind for them, whether it’s a purchase, a webinar signup, or even leaving a review. Make sure your CTA is impactful, for example: a specific “Unlock your potential” hits harder than a generic “Find out more”. 

Moreover, with the data analysis capabilities of a CRM, you can track the performance of your content and gain insights into what works and what doesn't. This can guide your creative process, helping you create content that resonates with your audience and drives results.

6. Improving customer engagement

Improving customer engagement is a wide-reaching email marketing optimization strategy that touches on content, testing, segmentation, and more. We’ve covered many of these techniques in other sections, so here, we’re going to focus on improving customer engagement through relationship-building

The first strategy is to launch a periodic newsletter, which can be one of the most straightforward tasks your team has to deal with. In its simplest form, a newsletter is a summary of your monthly content and can include tips and advice, industry news, or updates about your products or services. Study the optimum times to send it, and your newsletter can be a great way to regularly interact with your customer base.

However, to build on that relationship, you can engage customers through personalized deals and discounts. Perhaps it will be to celebrate their first full year as a customer or to mark their birthday. These hyper-personalized communications are incredibly easy to set up with triggers and actions and go a long way to consolidate a long-lasting relationship that makes your customers feel valued.

7. Expanding your email marketing optimization with CRM integrations

The most powerful CRM systems on the market give you a vast range of tools to cover most business needs, but you should always keep an eye out for platforms with multiple integrations that enhance your email marketing optimization. 

Under the umbrella of CRM integrations, these tools streamline your processes to save time and lower the possibility of mistakes. For example, you can connect third-party spreadsheets to your CRM to get a different visualization of the insights from your email campaigns. 

While third-party apps can come in useful, native CRM integrations are the holy grail. Under the same system, you’ve only got one password to remember (and one monthly bill!), in return for myriad business services that seamlessly interconnect

With CRM integrations, you expand the reach of your email marketing campaigns, which gives you the freedom to get seriously creative.

8. Including gamification elements to optimize your email campaigns

As a final point on our email marketing optimization techniques, we’re going to take a look at gamification — an underused but super-effective strategy for increased engagement. Yes, you might need a specialist integration and your top creative minds to make it work, but the results speak for themselves. 

If you find your links to blog posts aren’t getting any traction in your newsletter, why not switch up your strategy with a simple quiz? If you’re feeling generous, this could lead to a discount. However, if you’re on an economy drive, the result could reveal what kind of customer they are. Similarly, a virtual treasure hunt could see you edit your website, adding clues that your users have to navigate around to find.

These game elements can make your emails more fun and engaging, encouraging your subscribers to interact with your content. Moreover, they can incentivize your subscribers to take the desired action, such as making a purchase or visiting your website, thereby improving your conversion rates.

Essentially, gamification is a way of breaking through an impasse in your communications and encouraging customer interaction without it feeling like hard work: Ideal for email marketing optimization.

Bitrix24: The overarching platform for email marketing optimization

By understanding your audience, segmenting and personalizing your emails, conducting A/B tests, automating your campaigns, optimizing your content, analyzing your performance, improving customer engagement, and even incorporating left-field techniques like gamification, you can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

And as you might have guessed throughout this article, robust CRM software is a valuable ally on this journey. It provides you with the tools and insights you need to engage your customers and drive conversions. 

With Bitrix24, you get everything you need to plan, execute, analyze, and optimize your email marketing campaigns all on one platform. What’s more, you can save money by connecting with Bitrix24’s other features, such as file storage, project management, and internal HR functions.

To find out all the possibilities you can unlock for email marketing and more, sign up for Bitrix24 today!

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