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The CRM in Bitrix24 provides a platform to organize and track interaction with potential or existing clients, partners, agents and other contacts.

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Bitrix24 is a collaboration platform that's perfect for CRM. Unlike traditional CRM software, Bitrix24 has over 30 tools that will help your business grow and enjoy the work in a team!

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Bitrix24's CRM forms a contact base where the interaction and the history of contacts are managed and stored. All new events (phone calls, messages, meetings) connected with a contact or company are easily logged and further interaction can be planned, including by using integrated tasks.

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Bitrix24 has extensive organizational features which enhance efficiency at the personal and group levels. Tasks can be defined for oneself or assigned to a colleague, or delegated after being received. Time spent on each task within the project can be tracked, and tasks are integrated into the group calendar.

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Would you like to coordinate the schedules of employees and resources easily and transparently across all your platforms? In Bitrix24, personal calendars and workgroup calendars can be shared easily inside the system, with mobile devices and with Outlook.

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Aside from being personalized, the Activity Stream is interactive. Comments can be directly from the main interface, the task and photograph viewer can be brought up without additional navigation, and items can be 'liked'.

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Uploading your shared files to Bitrix24 will make them accessible in a powerful document management system. Presentations, documents, videos, and any other files can be placed for download, collaboration, or private use.

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Time Management

The time management system installs discipline in the work schedule without creating a high pressure atmosphere. Clocking in, clocking out, and breaks are transparently recorded, and a convenient planner and daily report keep tasks organized and prioritized.

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  • from $2299
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  • Customization and CMS
  • API and source code
  • Enhanced security
  • Active Directory, SSO, MS Exchange, Sharepoint sync
  • Social Communications
  • Tasks & Projects, File & Document Sharing, Calendars, CRM


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  • 5 Gb
  • Social Communications
  • Tasks & Projects, File & Document Sharing, Calendars, CRM