Advanced Telephony

Advanced Bitrix24 Telephony

Bitrix24 is the world's most popular free CRM and business telephony system used by over 1,000,000 companies worldwide. You can get even more sales and client management tools when you switch to advanced telephony in Bitrix24.

Advanced telephony features:

  • Unlimited phone call recordings
  • Simultaneous call to all available employees
  • Client call quality evaluation
  • Call source tracking for marketers (CRM)
  • Call analytics and reports
  • Automatic dialer (Bitrix24 Plus or above)
  • IVR (Bitrix24 Standard or above)
Advanced CRM and advanced telephony are available in commercial subscriptions starting with the Bitrix24 Plus plan priced only at $39/mo.
Upgrade to premium plans

Unlimited phone call recordings

The free plan comes with 100 recordings a month limit. If you’d like to record all incoming and outbound phone calls, you need to upgrade to a commercial subscription.

Simultaneous call to all available employees

The free plan lets you set up a queue where all incoming phone calls are routed to your employees in a specified order. If you’d like to incoming phone calls to simultaneously ‘ring’ for all employees who are currently not engaged in a conversation, you need to upgrade to a commercial subscription. The first employee to respond will be connected to a client.

Call quality evaluation

After the conversation is over, your clients will be offered to evaluate the quality of the assistance they got from your staff by pressing buttons one through five. You can either use a pre-recorded message for this or upload your own mp3 file. This analytics can later be used to improve your customer service and identify problem spots. This option is only available in premium plans.

Call source tracking

If your marketing team uses multiple phone numbers for tracking various channels, they will surely appreciate new automatic call source tracking reports. At a single glance you’ll see which channels are generating most calls and which ones should be dropped. Upgrade to advanced telephony plans if you need this feature.

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