Advanced CRM

Advanced Bitrix24 CRM

Bitrix24 is the world's most popular free CRM used by over 1,000,000 companies worldwide. Now you can get even more sales and client management tools when you switch to the advanced CRM.

Advanced CRM features:

  • Advanced duplicate search
  • CRM change history, restore
  • CRM access log
  • List view exceeding 5000 records
  • Automatic dialer
Advanced CRM and advanced telephony are available in commercial subscriptions starting with the Bitrix24 Plus plan priced only at $39/mo.
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Conversions between Deals, Quotes, and Invoices

The free CRM lets you convert leads to contacts, companies, deals or quotes. The advanced CRM lets you convert any CRM record to another CRM entity. For example, you can covert a deal to an invoice, a quote to a deal and so on. One click conversions, available only in advanced CRM, not only free you from having to manually transfer data from one CRM entity to another, but also maintain the change history. For example, you'll know who created specific invoice or quote and which CRM record it was based on.

Advanced duplicate search

Duplicate search in Bitrix24's free version only operates when you create a new lead, contact or company, preventing you from adding a duplicate record. All the changes to a duplicate record have to be performed manually. The advanced CRM lets you search your existing database for duplicates, prevents duplicate records during CRM data import, and merges duplicates automatically.

CRM change history, restore

The history of changes in CRM records is not available in the free plan. The advanced CRM lets you see all changes and undo or restore them, if necessary. For example, if your employee has accidentally changed a client phone number or email address, you will be able to find the previous value and restore it.

CRM access log

CRM access log is not available in the free plan. When you switch to a commercial subscription, CRM administrators will be able to see detailed access log records – i.e. which user viewed specific client information, exported or imported data, changed records and so on. Date and time are logged as well.

List view exceeding 5000 records

Unlike most 'free' CRMs, Bitrix24 comes with unlimited CRM records even in the free plan. As a free user, you can search and work with an unlimited number of clients. However, your list view will be limited to 5000 records until you upgrade to a commercial subscription.

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