Advanced Tasks

Advanced tasks in Bitrix24

Need more advanced task and project management options? Here's what Bitrix24 commercial plans have to offer.

Advanced task features:

  • Task dependencies
  • Finish to Start dependencies (FS)
  • Start to Start dependencies (SS)
  • Finish to Finish dependencies (FF)
  • Start to Finish dependencies (SF)
Advanced tasks are available in commercial subscriptions starting with the Bitrix24 Plus plan priced only at $39/mo.
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Why do I need task dependencies?

When working on complex projects, you’ll have to deal with interconnected tasks. Let’s say you run a full cycle digital agency and got a new client. You’ll have tasks for designers, copywriters and web developers. You’ll also need to host the site somewhere and run ads for it. There is no point in paying for web hosting, before the site is completely done. And there is point in advertising the site, before it goes live. When you establish task dependencies, a delay in one task (finish website design) will automatically move dates back for another (start website testing). Likewise if the site was finished earlier, tasks for your ad team will be moved up.

Task dependencies explained

  • Finish to Start (FS) dependency example. You have to finish filling gas tank, before going on a road trip.
  • Start to Start (SS) dependency example. You have to start digging the ditch, before you can start laying pipes
  • Finish to Finish (FF) dependency example. Paving of the road must be finished, before line painting can be finished.
  • Start to Finish (SF) example. Parents must return and start taking care of their children again, before babysitter is allowed to finish the job and leave.
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