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Co-edit documents online, accept payments through WhatsApp, launch an online store in 120 seconds, automate workflows with Smart Processes, increase work efficiency with Projects 2.0 - do it all and more with the new Bitrix24.

Already available in your Bitrix24



An essential part of productive online collaboration, co-editing documents is now available in Bitrix24. View, co-edit, and share documents online with both your colleagues and external users. Create text documents, spreadsheets, and even presentations - all inside Bitrix24.

  • Create and edit

    Bitrix24 supports all popular file formats making it easy for you to work with spreadsheets, presentations, and other types of documents.

  • Share

    With Bitrix24, you can easily share a document with both your colleagues or with an external user (e.g., your client) by simply sending them a link.

  • Manage

    All your Bitrix24 documents can be managed via a single dashboard where you can view all the recent activity, changes, and updates.

  • Collaborate

    Invite your colleagues to co-edit a document online. All the changes you make are saved automatically.

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CRM Payments


The new Bitrix24 CRM Payments is the missing link between your CRM and your online sales. This technology allows you to send the payment link to a customer via WhatsApp or SMS right from a deal in CRM. It works like magic but yields a very much real increase in your revenue.

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1 A potential customer is browsing your online store and sees something they like - one click after, their order is placed and automatically added to your CRM.
2 Upon receiving the order, you choose the product from the catalog and send the customer a text message with the payment link.
3 The customer clicks on the link and purchases the product via any Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit card, or any other method. The payment status is automatically updated in your CRM.
  • Takes less than 30 mins to set up

  • All done inside your Bitrix24

  • Seamless shopping experience

  • Can be integrated with delivery services

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Video calls


Call your colleague. Call your team. Call your whole company. The new Bitrix24 video calls can feature up to 48 participants while maintaining consistently high audio and video quality even for a slow Internet connection.

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  • Up to 48 participants

    Create huge online meetings and presentations for up to 48 people whether they have a Bitrix24 account or not.

  • Video calls where you need them

    Initiate a video conference right from a task or an event in your calendar to have a quick online discussion with everyone who’s participating.

  • Calls you’ll never miss

    When you receive a Bitrix24 video call on your smartphone, it appears like a regular phone call, which makes it easier to notice and pick up the phone just in time.

  • Slow connection? Not a problem

    You can always enjoy a crisp clear sound and video quality even with an unstable or slow Internet connection.

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Smart processes


In addition to our standard business automation capabilities, you get a tool that allows you to custom-automate virtually any process you can think of and link it to the existing CRM entities in your Bitrix24.

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  • Automate it your way

    Every company has its own unique processes - whether it’s hiring employees, managing documents, or working with clients. We give you the tool to automate any of them.

  • Custom stages and fields

    Create a new process with custom stages/fields and set the automation rules for it using our rules, triggers, or webhooks.

  • Easy to set up

    Our Smart Processes are called that because they do everything themselves and require no coding skills from you. The setup process is intuitive and easy to understand.

  • Wide range of applications

    Legal firms, recruiting agencies, hospitals, and any other organization that works with clients can benefit from using our Smart Processes.

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Online store in 120 seconds


Why so quick? Because time is money! Instead of spending your time and money on expensive web development and online store setup, you get a ready-made solution that’s easily customizable and integrated with your CRM, payments, and product catalog.

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Mobile and SEO-friendly

All of our online stores feature a responsive design optimized for mobile devices and complete with automated SEO capabilities.

Created in just a few clicks

Everything's been pre-configured, set up, and optimized for you. Just enter the basic information about your future online store, place a test order, and start selling right away!

Integrated with CRM Payments

Provide an enjoyable shopping experience to your customers - send payment links via WhatsApp or SMS and accept payments directly in your CRM.

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Projects 2.0


With our new smart focus system, you can easily manage all your projects and tasks from a single page where they are sorted by recent activity and feature a counter that indicates new comments, overdue tasks, etc.

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  • Counters

    The number next to a project is a counter that indicates recent activity and allows you to see how the project is moving along without having to open it.

  • Projects sorted by recent activity

    No matter how many projects you are involved in, you will always know which ones deserve your immediate attention.

  • Smooth project navigation

    Just click on a project to see how it is moving along and view its files, tasks, deadlines, and more.

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We have significantly improved our Calendar to make it easier to use and synchronize with your iOS or Android devices.

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calendar bitrix24
  • Updates on the go

    From now on, any new changes you make in your Bitrix24 Calendar (editing events, changing time, inviting/removing participants, etc.) will be updated in real-time.

  • Improved synchronization

    All it takes is one tap, and your Bitrix24 Calendar is instantly synchronized with the calendar on your iOS or Android mobile device.