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Release Highlights

Redesigned mobile app. Your office at your fingertips

Meet our new CRM. The ultimate remote sales machine

Enter CRM Store. Turns your smartphone into a payment terminal

Remote work toolkit feat. unlimited video calls. What a collab!

Ad group analysis: comprehensive, concise, conclusive

Introducing CRM Store

Digital sales suite for your business

CRM Store allows you to run sales exclusively from your smartphone: from lead generation to accepting payments and organizing delivery. A real breakthrough in digital sales, this tool will help you sell easier, faster, and more efficiently than ever.

CRM Store is a revolutionary tool that’s been designed to help you run sales in the digital format. With this tool, your sales team can work from home and do their job remotely just fine.

1. Take and process orders remotely

All of the requests you get from your website, phone, email, Facebook, or Instagram are added to your CRM automatically.

2. Lead your clients to the purchase

Move your leads through the purchase funnel all the way from awareness to purchase.

3. Accept payments and organize delivery 

Create an order, send a payment link to your client, and set up the delivery - all within your CRM Store.

Quick order processing

Accept payments directly in your CRM

Our CRM Store makes the shopping experience even more enjoyable and convenient for your customers.

As you’re on the phone with a client, select the product they need in your CRM, choose the delivery service, and send the client a payment link.

Once the order is paid, the item will be delivered to your client’s address. The whole thing is 100% online, no physical interaction is required between you and the client. 


Payment systems

Enable all the available payment methods

Give your clients the freedom of choice - with CRM Store from Bitrix24, they can pay you by cash, card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other payment methods available in your country.

Send payment links to your customers via SMS or QR code, depending on their preferences. After the payment is accepted, the customer will be sent a receipt automatically. 



Track orders effortlessly in real time

All the payment process details are displayed in the CRM card, which makes tracking orders super easy. You can always check if the client has received the payment link and whether the order has been paid.


Turn your smartphone
into a payment terminal

What if a client is not ready to pay the order online? Give them a chance to pay after the delivery

You will no longer have to worry about payment terminals as our app can now handle it for you - Bitrix24 CRM Store allows you to accept payments via cash, card, SMS, or QR code.

Launch your CRM Store in less than a day



If you already have an SMS provider and a contract with a payment system.



If you need to enable the SMS and payment service.

Redesigned mobile app

Your office at your fingertips

Our mobile app has been redesigned to accommodate the needs of remote teams all around the world. Hire new employees, communicate with your team members, complete tasks, and stay in touch wherever you are.

Your mobile HR manager

Manage your team remotely from your smartphone

Launch your Bitrix24 account and assemble your team in just a few taps. Manage your employees directly from your smartphone.


Chats and video calls

Unlimited communication

Create chats, make video calls, and organize video conferences to discuss projects and collaborate with your teammates on the go.


Mobile tasks

Messenger-like tasks

New Bitrix24 mobile tasks adopt a very simple and familiar format similar to popular messengers.

Set tasks and deadlines, monitor task activity and progress in the comments, get notifications and status updates - all directly from your smartphone.


Company news

Keep your team updated

Create beautiful posts in your company’s Activity Stream. Share your emotions, create wonderful photo collages, give likes, and post comments.


Your new office. Away from the office

Everything you need to work remotely

Collaboration has no boundaries. With Bitrix24, being in the office means being online. Hold videoconferences, create chats, automate routine tasks with Robotic Process Automation.

Bitrix24 desktop app. Seamless experience

Our service is now available in its entirety as a desktop app for Windows and Mac. Enjoy working in a browser-free environment where everything runs smoothly and opens quickly.


Video calls

Create video chats with up to 24 participants

Unlike some other services, we have no time limit for your video calls. Speak as long as you need to from any device - now with beautiful backgrounds and HD quality.


Video conferences

Meet with your clients online

Keep communicating with your clients even if you work fr om home. Create video conferences and invite external users to join the call even if they don’t have a Bitrix24 account. No time lim it. No registration required. 


Knowledge base

Answers in the right places

Help your newcomers to get on board quicker by creating separate knowledge bases for CRM, Robotic Process Automation, Tasks, Projects, etc. Easy to access and edit, these knowledge bases will help you keep the information in them always up to date.


Robotic Process Automation

Robots have arrived. They’re here to help

Our brand-new module called Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is in full beta now!

How does it work?
RPA allows you to automate recurring business processes and routine tasks like document approval. Set up an automated process once, and our robots will handle it for you from then on.


Meet our new CRM

The ultimate remote sales machine

Selling remotely has never been easier. With Bitrix24 CRM, not only will you find new clients but also enable new sales channels and increase your ad efficiency.

New sales channel in Contact Center

Integration with Apple Business Chat

Once you’ve connected Apple Business Chat to your CRM, you will start getting messages from the chat directly to your Bitrix24. Deals can be automatically created from messages and all communication history is stored in Bitrix24 CRM.


CRM card settings

Configure access rights for CRM fields

Access to certain information like the client’s address or the amount of the deal may need to be restricted. You can now control which employee sees which fields in your CRM by configuring access rights.


End-to-end analytics

Ad group analysis

Our sophisticated AI will analyze your ads and tell you which ad group converts best. In fact, this AI is so sophisticated that you can program it to disable ineffective ads for you automatically.


Lookalike audiences in CRM marketing

Finding new clients has become much easier

Now that the Facebook Lookalike Audiences feature is fully integrated into Bitrix24 CRM, you can easily find new clients that are similar to your current ones.


Updated tasks

Helping you focus on what’s really important

Managing several projects at once is easy with our new Tasks. You will always know what the current status of any particular task is and whether your input is required.

Configure permission settings for tasks

More often than not, it makes perfect sense to set on an individual user level who can create, edit, delegate, or delete tasks in your company and/or department. Bitrix24 gives you just that.


Intuitive task navigation

Our redesigned task grid and improved counter system give you a clear picture of what’s going on at any given moment, even if you have to work with hundreds of tasks.


Share tasks with your clients

Sometimes working on a big project requires creating tasks for your clients and contractors. Well, now you can do it in Bitrix24! No registration required - just set tasks for external users and collaborate efficiently.



Create websites and landing pages that sell

Get access to our unique website builder where you can create an SEO-ready landing page or an online store in less than 30 minutes. Without having to write a single line of code.

Pre-made cookie consent forms

Use our cookie policy templates with clear and easy-to-understand terms or create a custom form.


Beautiful websites that sell. Now with more templates

Choose one of our industry-specific templates and customize it to create your own unique website that will help you increase your online sales.


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