New Bitrix24.Seoul

The new Bitrix24 is designed to navigate your business safely through the period of instability and give you that competitive edge you need to dominate your market, both online and offline.


Online Store for personal sales

A quick and efficient way to launch your sales online and provide personalized service. Works great with social media.


Live Shop to boost your sales online

A brand-new format combining a live stream with interactive online sales. Your clients are gonna love this.


HD video calls and conferences

Create video conferences with up to 24 participants, add external users to the call, record your calls, and more.


Tasks that keep you focused at all times

A new ‘autofocus’ system designed to help you concentrate on what’s really important and needs to be done now.


Group video calls in our mobile app

Make video calls to your colleagues and clients right from your smartphone. Invite up to 24 participants.


Superblocks for super websites

A visual website editor with fully customizable blocks allowing you to create unique, beautiful websites using Bitrix24.

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New Bitrix24.Online Store

Your online store with a personal sales assistant

Launch an e-shop and make your first online sale in just a few clicks with Bitrix24. No shortcuts or comprises - you get a solid, fully-functional online store that’s good to go on the web and social media. Oh, and it also collects your customers’ contact details for personalized customer service.

Takes a few clicks to launch

Everything’s already been set up for you. Just add the products, your contact details and it’s ready!

Mobile-friendly design

No additional tweaks are required - your online store will look great on all mobile devices.

Social media friendly

Take orders and accept payments on any social media platform: Instagram, TikTok, etc. Just add a link to your website!

Easy to place an order

Your customers just have to provide their name and phone number. The rest is handled by your sales assistant during the call.

Product catalog with SKUs

Your customers get to navigate your product catalog with ease and can specify product options or variations when selecting their items.

It’s all in your CRM

Contact details of your customers, order history, call recordings - it’s all saved in your CRM and can be used for upselling later.

Bitrix24.Online Store: Here’s How It Works

Step 1. Browse and choose

Your customers open your store naturally from any social network and just keep browsing!

Step 2. Place an order

To place an order, all a customer has to do is provide their name and phone number.

Step 3. Receive a call

Your sales assistant will call the customer back, help them make the purchase and organize delivery.

Step 4. Pay online

The customer receives a payment link on their phone, which you can track in your CRM.

New Bitrix24.Live Shop

Real-time sales via live streams

Your offline sales go online with Bitrix24.Live Shop, a tiny little widget you put on your website. Using it, your customers can write to you directly in the live chat, have products demonstrated to them in real time and pay for their orders. That’s as personal as it gets.

Live stream during your business hours

Your customers spot a live stream on your website and join it instantly, “entering” your online store!

Live product demo

If a customer requests private consultation, you can give them an interactive live product demo.

Instant sales during your live streams

As they’re watching your live stream, your customers can place an order and pay for it right there, online.

Sell more with social proof

Your customers see others placing orders in real time, which prompts them to buy as well.

Customer contact details saved in CRM

Even if a person is not ready to buy from you right away, you can always call them back later.

All the data is saved in CRM

Contact details of your customers, order history, call recordings - it’s all saved in your CRM and can be used for upselling.

New Bitrix24 CRM

The driving force behind your sales and marketing

If you work remotely, you might as well sell remotely! The new Bitrix24 CRM offers a wide variety of tools to help you find new clients, activate new sales channels, and optimize your marketing budget.

CRM Marketing

Create and launch online ads automatically

With Bitrix24, you don’t have to be a marketing guru to launch a successful ad campaign on Facebook or Instagram. Just go to CRM Marketing and configure your ads in a few simple steps. The system will do the rest and make sure your ads reach their target audience.


Sales Intelligence

Ad analytics of highest precision

Anytime you want to know how efficient your ads are, you can launch our smart ad analysis. The system will scan through your ads and analyze their efficiency down to the campaign, ad group, ad, or even keyword.



Track mobile phone calls in your CRM

Bitrix24 will save all the call details even if you made that call from your personal phone. The client’s phone number is saved in the CRM, marked as a “personal call”. You can also attach a voice message or screenshot of your chat with the client.

Available on Android only


But wait, there's more! The new Bitrix24 CRM features many other updates and improvements, including redesigned UX/UI, new analytical reports, an improved document generator, and much more.

New Bitrix24 Tasks & Projects

Focus on what’s really important

Meet a smart system that filters out only the tasks which are really important for you at any given moment, while minimizing distractions. No matter how many projects you run, you will always know which tasks deserve your immediate attention.

Task autofocus system

The ultimate focus-keeper

If you’re a manager, chances are you often have to deal with more tasks than you can possibly handle. Our new smart focus system filters tasks automatically, saving you time and hassle.


Ping messages

Automated task status request

How often do you have to check on your tasks to see their current status? Well, you don’t have to anymore. Just hit the “ping” button to send automated task status requests to your employees. Works with both individual tasks and task groups.



Keep your projects where you can see them

The new Bitrix24 has a single page for all of your projects sorted by activity and featuring a counter that indicates new comments, overdue tasks, etc. One click is all it takes for you to see how a project is moving along and view its files, tasks, updates, etc.


All you need to do is remember to set tasks – Bitrix24 will help you manage the rest.

New Bitrix24.Virtual Office

Videoconferencing that’s so inviting

Bitrix24 blurs the line between working from home and working in the office. From now on, your work is where your Bitrix24 is. Your colleagues and clients are always easy to reach with our new HD video calls.

Call co-workers and clients instantly, at the touch of a button.

HD videoconferencing for your clients

Invite external users to join your conference

The fact that your clients, partners, or contractors do not have Bitrix24 doesn’t mean they can’t join your videoconference. Send them a password-protected invitation link and - boom - they’re in! No registration required, no additional apps to download, works instantly from any device. Call recordings are saved to your Bitrix24.Drive.


HD video calls for your employees

Video calls. Right where you need them

Making a video call from the chat is the most typical scenario. But sometimes it makes perfect sense to start a call from a task and have a quick discussion. Now, you can call your colleagues from chats, tasks, calendar meetings or the news feed.


More goodies in video calls and conferences:

Speaker mode

The screen automatically switches to the person who is currently speaking.

Background blur

Keep your background plain and simple by adjusting the level of blur.

Cool backgrounds

Liven up your video calls and surprise your colleagues by adding a cool background.

Enhanced screen sharing

In addition to classic screen sharing, you can now choose which application or window to share.

‘Raise hand’ button

Got something to say during a videoconference? Just hit the “raise hand” button to get noticed by your colleagues.

Call recording

Attached to the chat, the call recording is always there if you need to return and make some notes.

New Bitrix24 for iOS and Android

Your work at your fingertips

Bitrix24 is all about mobility. Work from any place using our mobile app - it’s got tasks, chats, video calls, news, notifications, and of course CRM.

Voice-enabled tasks

Video calls unlimited

Get everyone in a chat, task, or a meeting together for a video call in just a few taps. Enjoy crisp clear sound and video quality even with a slow Internet connection.


New mobile tasks

A pleasure to work with

Mobile tasks are easy to set and control.

  • Got important tasks you need to follow now? Pin them to top
  • Need to see which tasks are done by you and which - by your employees? Filter them by role
  • Want to know which tasks require an immediate reaction from you? Check the counters


Free HD video calls for up to 24 participants

Voice tasks. Yep, you heard it right!

Voice tasks don’t just tell your employees what to do. They command. Plus, they’re super easy to set and rather convenient. Anytime you’re driving or simply don’t have time to write, just set a voice task! State the task name, responsible person and a deadline - your voice recording will be automatically attached to the task description.


Install our mobile app now and begin your exciting journey with Bitrix24!

New Bitrix24 Sites

New Kid on the Superblock

Having started young and fresh, the new Bitrix24 Sites has finally become a professional tool for web designers and studious. Create unique and beautiful websites and landing pages tailored to your and your clients’ needs.

Superblocks. Customizable to the pixel

Pick a block in our visual website editor and change it any way you like: move its elements around, add new ones, or remove the ones you don’t need. Still not good enough? Just build your own custom superblock from scratch!

Oh, and no matter how you change the superblock, it will always stay responsive and mobile-friendly.

More goodies in our website editor

New templates

Ready-made for any occasion or use.

Automated SEO

Our algorithms will take your website to the top.

Corporate color

A single color palette for the whole website.

That’s Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Watch our presentation in its entirety to learn about all the new features and improvements in Bitrix24.