Igniting Exponential Growth

Grow faster, grow bigger, grow smarter with the new Bitrix24 Supernova. Filled with major improvements that are bound to optimize your workflows and increase efficiency, this is the best solution you need in 2024.


Flows are a clever way of visualizing tasks that are related to a particular process inside your company (e.g., legal documents approval). Creating a flow allows everyone to see what the current workload is and identify bottlenecks to increase work efficiency.

How it works

A flow represents tasks that are typically assigned to a particular department. Any employee can create a task and add it to the flow

After being added to the flow, the task is automatically placed in a queue, based on the current workload

As the tasks in the queue are being completed one by one, the manager gets real-time flow stats: time required to complete a task, queue time, flow efficiency, etc.

Based on the stats, the manager can regulate the flow by limiting the number of incoming tasks or manually delegating the tasks in queue to specific employees

Key benefits


Using flows is ideal for managing employee workload in real-time

Task status

At any given moment, you can check what’s up with a particular task

No more

Any bottleneck that hampers the process can be quickly identified and removed

Increased work

Streamlined workflows always lead to a significant increase in work efficiency

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Bitrix24 Sync

Meet the new, updated, and revamped version of our video calls, now known as Bitrix24 Sync. It’s still there to keep the company together and help you collaborate — we just gave it a new look and feel.


Key benefits

Improved screen

Now, different users can share their screens simultaneously during a video call


Invite your whole company to an online meeting, even you have more than 100 employees

sound effects

Our new, smooth-sounding audio effects will help you to get ready for the call

All call-related info stays in one chat

Every video call features its own chat that stays there with all the messages, even after the call ends


Channels offer tons of new cool ways for communication in Bitrix24 — both corporate and informal. Create a channel for company announcements, employee onboarding, or industry news to share information in a way that’s both organic and engaging.


Key benefits

Custom access

You can set access permissions for every channel: read-only, comment, post, etc.


Analyze the activity in a particular channel by getting stats on views, comments, etc.


It's up to you to decide who can join your channels: only your employees or selected external users


Newcomers can be automatically added to a channel (dismissed employees automatically lose access)

Mobile check-in

Managing a remote or hybrid team may lead to disjointed communications and lack of proper control. Our new check-in tool allows you to see which of your employees have already started their working day and organize work more efficiently.

How it works

    An employee starts their working day by sending a greeting message and an optional selfie or location to the team chat

    Everyone on the team sees the message and may comment on it or simply leave a reaction

    As more people check in, you can see who’s ready to start work and where they are currently located

Key benefits

Great for remote team management

Check-in helps to synchronize your team efforts across various locations and even time zones

Fresh and engaging

This tool is a great way to spice up the standard morning work startup routine

Ideal for team building

Helps to build stronger relationships within a team (especially for remote workers)

Automated solutions

The “one-size-fits-all” workflow automation is finally here! The new automated solutions in Bitrix24 allow you to set up an automated workflow from scratch and accommodate the needs of pretty much any process — from hiring and onboarding an employee to organizing a corporate event.


Key benefits


Create a new entity in your CRM with completely custom fields, stages, and automation rules

Ideal for large

Automated solutions work best for teams of 150+ people, leading to an increase in efficiency


You can set up automation from the ground up to accommodate any existing workflow


At any given moment, you can see what stage a process is currently in and if there’s a holdup

CoPilot Pro

Lots of new improvements to our AI-powered assistant: prompt library, CoPilot roles, mobile CoPilot, and more.


Prompt library

Share the best and most useful prompts with your colleagues so that they could reuse it in a similar scenario.

Flexible access

If you run out of free CoPilot requests on your plan, you can purchase a one-time credit, which will give you 2,500 additional requests. This is a great way to use more CoPilot without having to upgrade your Bitrix24 plan.

CoPilot roles

Assign a certain role to CoPilot (e.g., marketing specialist, web developer, financial analyst, etc.) to get even more precise, expert-level results to your prompts.

Chat with CoPilot

Invite your teammates to a chat with CoPilot by mentioning their username. Alternatively, you can add CoPilot to an existing group chat and use it to generate texts and create summaries.

Mobile CoPilot

CoPilot is finally available on our mobile app! Located conveniently in the chat menu, it allows you to quickly use our AI assistant on the go.

Universal activities

Universal activities in CRM are a great way to organize and plan work for your sales team. Now, you can create an activity in CRM, add it to your calendar, invite other team members, attach a link, and more.

  • Easier to plan your day thanks to the integration with Bitrix24 Calendar

  • Effortless collaboration: easy to add employees

  • Streamlined workflows in CRM


e-Signature for HR

A great addition to our arsenal of automation tools, the e-Signature allows you to view and sign your company’s HR documents right inside Bitrix24.

  • Works for labor contracts, leave approvals, etc.

  • Completely transparent

  • Works from mobile devices

  • Mass e-signing (for 100+ employees and more)

  • Customizable access permissions


New BI Builder dashboards

We’re expanding the selection of datasets in our BI Builder with a bunch of new ones, including:

  • Tasks

  • Smart Processes

  • Workflows

  • Product catalog

In addition to that, we’re introducing different roles in BI Builder (read-only, editing, etc.). By assigning these roles to your individual team members, you can easily protect sensitive data and optimize the process of working with reports.