Login problems

  1. Please check for typos or a wrong keyboard layout.
  2. Make sure you haven't used social networks for registration. If yes, click on the corresponding social network icon.
  3. If you have forgotten your password, please use the password recovery form.
  4. If the system asks for the one time password, this means you or your account administrator has enabled 2 step authorization for your account. Read more here.
  5. If you still can’t log in, please contact us at info@bitrix24.com.

Restore password

  1. If you don’t remember your password, please use the password recovery form.

  2. Add email address provided during registration. A code to reset your password will be sent to your email address.

  3. Open Bitrix24 password recovery email & click the link provided inside. If you can't find this email, please check your spam folder & inbox filters.

    Important: password recovery url provided in the email is limited in time, make sure you use the newest url.

  4. Create & confirm a new password.

Change login or password from Bitrix24 Network

You can always change your Bitrix24 login or password in Bitrix24 Network Profile. Edit profile, use change email or password option. Important: for email address change – you will need to confirm new email address.