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Email Delay, Automated Email Delay
I've set up a business process to send out automated emails when changes are made to new leads so that out sales personnel are notified, recently we moved our web hosting to a new provider and am now experiencing issues with the emails being very delayed in delivery (as much as 10 hours in some cases).

All spam filters on the new hosting are disabled but the delay is still an issue, is there a way i can format the outgoing emails as a workaround within Bitrix24 to help them avoid any filters and similar, as the issue is new i'm assuming that its the fault of the hosting and mailserver switch, would the switch itself interfere with Bitrix?

many thanks
- Tez Grant
Hi Tez,

Please submit a ticket to the Helpdesk with more info (old & new mailserver names, business process settings screenshot).

Thank you.

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