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Corrupted UTF-8 import, Problem
Hello all!

I'm having issue with UTF-8 encoded file import. Have tried:
1) Excel 2013 created csv file - Bitrix24 doesn't recognize local characters
2) OpenOffice created csv file - Bitrix24 doesn't recognize separator format - tried all possible combinations.

Any ideas how to correctly import Companies and Contacts that contain a lot of local (Latvian) characters?

Thank you in advance!
Hi Martins,

Try to add a couple of contacts by hand (sample with needed fields filled) & than export the list. Then compare it with your import list. What you can also do is use this "export" file for import - transfer you data there, save & import.

If the above mentioned won't help, submit a ticket with import file sample (we need just couple fields filled).

Hi Yana,

Default export form what I get from Bitrix is Unicode text, even if I select csv. When I convert to csv - again the same problem - no local characters.
Hi Martins,

Please submit a ticket to our Help desk with the file sample (we need all columns & a couple of data lines filled). Thank you.

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