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Screen sharing
Hi all,

I would like to share my screen with my colleague but I can't find the button for it :)
Can anyone point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance,
No one has an answer to this simple question? It should be there, right?
We planned to add the screen sharing and even did some research and development, but there are some problems with a techlogy, so this tool is not ready in Bitrix24 now.
We still want to add this tool and will add it when the underlying technology which powers the video chat gets better.
Thanks, that makes it clear. I will wait for it then. I is a nice addition for a smooth workflow.

Hi Ann,

ist there already a planned date when Screen Sharing will be available? It is very important for our organisation to be able to give remote assistance for users, besides being able to work together on a screen.

Thanks for your quick response.

Hi Roman!

We plan (can't promise for sure) this November-December, or beginning of 2015.
Kind Regards,

Has this been done as of March 2015? This would be a great add on. Thanks
Hi Jamie!

It is scheduled for this spring release (at least fall release).



Is the fall release still on?


Hi Sergio!

Screensharing is available from the desktop app already, read more here.


Hello Yana,
you announced screen sharing in conference calls so I will not request this.
We would also love to have a fullscreen option during video/screen sharing calls.
Can you please note this request? Thanks!
Hi Florian,

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll pass it o the dev team.


Any update when it comes to a full-screen view?
My screen view is unreadable.
Edited: Agnieszka Malesińska - 09/22/2016 13:10:33
dear Agnieszka, Reason is your opposite has two sceens activated.
Have him switch (Shortcut windows key + P) to one screen... this will work.
Thank you, this solved the problem in fact, but only partially.
This is the screen view I get in Bitrix, I can share only 1 screen, but it still does not allow to maximize the window and the shared screen is unreadable and of low resolution. The view should allow full-screen mode like Skype does

Another problem is that when I pick one of the screens to share, the other one automatically turns off - also for me as the screen sharer. I very often multitask, so I need to share one screen during the call and simultaneously work on the other one not showing its view to chat participants.
try the desktop app (tray icon) instead in chrome: this should make it some bigger.
But not fullscreen. I also raised this feature request: They said to realize it, but not when.
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