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Does Bitrix24 have a backup/export ability?
It is very important to my company that Bitrix24 have the ability to backup and export regularly to protect again having our information lost.  Does Bitrix 24 have any feature like this?

I recognize that Bitrix24 has backup software and that they keep revisions (if something bad happens to the account) however if our company decides to move to another service or even discontinue our payment plan, I need to know that I will still have the information and data that I have entered.  This is a deal breaker for us.

Thank you,
Edited: Hannah Stoddard - 12/25/2014 13:52:55
Hi Hannah!

You can back up your own data in Bitrix24 self-hosted version. Bitrix24 Cloud paid plans subscribers can request a data back up  in case if something went wrong (free accounts are backed up as well, but can be restored only in case if something is wrong from our side).

Kind Regards,

Hi Yana,

In the case of a free Bitrix24 account, what backup options and guarrantees that data will not be lost is there?

Is there an option of backup with Dropbox?

Thank you

All Bitrix24 Cloud accounts are backed up daily (both free and paid plans). This means that your Bitrix24 accounts data is protected from any tech issues or any unpredictable circumstances that may happened at our end. Please note that usually these copies are stored for 1 week. If somebody of your employees has deleted data (tasks, CRM records, etc.) and you are Bitrix24 Standard or Professional plan subscriber, you can contact our Helpdesk with data backup restore request.



Hi Yana,
As you said that both clouds version (free and paid plans) are backed up daily I and then you made an observation only about Standard and Professional plans I would like a little help, what can be donne whe is a free plan?
Thank you very much for your time and attention
Hi Jose Muanes!

I meant that we do back-ups for all accounts including free ones (so that we can fix everything fast in case something is wrong at our end). But if the problem happens at user's side - e.g. your employee has deleted important information - for such case we can provide account back-up (for past date before information has been deleted) only to Standard or Professional plans subscribers since it requires additional time & effort from our support team.


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