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Restrict View of Departments and Other Employees, Access Control Query
Is it possible to hide sibling departments, their sub-departments and employees from each other?

For example, under My Company I have a Business Unit 1 and Business Unit 2 department each with sub-departments and employees.

Is there a way I can restrict not just what they can do, but their ability to see the existence of each other?  ie, employees in Business Unit 1 are unaware of the existence of Business Unit 2 and their employees?
Hi Andrew!

This option is available inBitrix24 self-hosted version Enterprise Edition only ("Multiple divisions" option):

This feature allows separating versions of intranet portals for each division or department. This functionality was specially designed for companies with multiple offices and branch locations which need to have a larger degree of autonomy. In essence, each branch can have its own intranet that has a separate structure and design. Employees can get access to their company's intranet, the intranet of their department, and, depending on the settings, the intranets of other departments.

Kind Regards,

Yana Prokopets, Hello.
We're trying to set up multiple divisions at our Bitrix24. But is there some more or less detailed documentation. All I can see on forums are words about how it is possible to separate sub-departments and employees from each other. But in fact, when we create the new department we can just not let the user of one department to see details of another department. But he/she still can see the list of employees of the companies. So. Is there any more or less detailed guide?
Thank you.

Please contact our Helpdesk or one of our partners, thanks,


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