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Notifications, Are notifications turned off?
Nobody in our company intranet are receiving notifications.
Hi Mike!

Please check the notifications settings (my profile menu>configure notifications), although when you're online (working in Bitrix24) you should get a messanger notifications, but email notifications would be sent only if the user is inactive for more than 10 minutes.

Please give a sample when you need a notification to be sent & it is not - that will help a lot to define if this the product logic or a bug. Thank you!


Is there any way that you can receive e-mail notifications, no matter what? I would like to have an e-mail sent to me, even if I was active within 10 minutes on Bitrix. Especially with my calendar notifications and lead notifications.

Thank you!


I just thought I would share this with you.... Many users here and elsewhere on the forum have had a hard time to put up with the fact that notifications concerning messages sent in activity streams can't be set to be sent to users unless such messages are either specifically addressed to them, or their name is mentioned, or it is a reply to their post, etc.

Please reconsider giving the users an option to get notifications for all messages in a stream. Otherwise, just like our team, many teams may have to look for a different solution, like Sxxxx - (self-censored :) ), which makes it possible. And it's just such a waste and unnecessary complexity... In our case we're using Bitrix and Sxxxx in parallel, but some other users may just give up on you and look elsewhere altogether...

Hi Jennifer & M!

Sure, I'll pass this suggestion to the devs, thank you!


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