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Generic search does not work except for English, Searching in Greek does not provide any results
Hi all,

Anyone having the same problem? The search feature at the top of the header only works for English. When I try to search in Greek (ie the word "Λευτέρης") I always get no results even though I have some records stored with the word I'm searching for.
It is surprising that search does work for Greek only from inside lookup forms like searching for an employee or looking up a contact to relate to on a task from the CRM but not on the generic search form at the header.

I'd appreciate any help you can provide.
Hi Lefteris,

Please contacts our Helpdesk with the screenshot sample (if possible). Thank you!


Hello Yana
I Have the same issue.
Searching with Greek fonts not working...
Error in search phrase:
Empty search query (does not contain letters or digits).
Please correct the search phrase and try again.

Please reply
Christos Marakis
Dear Lefteris  & Christos !

We have changed the way the languages syntax is treated - the update will be available in  1-2 month, after that the search should be working correctly. Thank you for brinning the subject up.



I am trying to import csv files with my contacts (for expample outlook contacts) which have Greek words, but is not possible.

For example, if we try to import contacts where the name of the contact is written in Greek:
1. When I imported outlook contacts (in csv format) in bitrx24 the 'name' is written with symbol characters
2. When I imported csv files (exactly the same as the one provided for downloading) the field 'name' is empty.

To sum up,
Is it possible to import csv files with Greek words? Can I search my contacts - companies (all the fields) using Greek characters?

Kind regards,
Hi Athanasios,

Please contact our Helpdesk with import sample file - columns & couple of Greek names filled.


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