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Your Own Domain Name, Change your regular Bitrix24 domain name to a custom domain name of your choice
With Bitrix24 Professional subscription you can use the so called "Own Domain Name" service. This service allows you to change your regular Bitrix24 domain name to a custom domain name of your choice. For example: from to

To set up a custom doman name for your Bitrix24 account, please follow the instructions, below:
  1. Create a Bitrix24 account, and activate it with Bitrix24 Professional subscription.
  2. Obtain a domain name. The domain used for Bitrix24 must be a third-level domain (e.g. Why so? Not all Bitrix24 functionality will operate properly if the cloud settings configured a fourth or higher level domain.
  3. Procure a SSL Certificate for your custom domain. The SSL protocol is used to protect data traveling through the internet. It guarantees a save connection between the server and the user’s browser. Information is encoded in HTTPS, and only a special key is able to decode it. To protect your data you have to buy it and provide it to our technical department. We will implement the certificate on your domain. All unpaid domains in Bitrix24 (*, *, * have SSL certificates applied to them.
  4. Submit a support ticket to Bitrix24 Helpdesk - A Bitrix24 specialist will instruct you and help with this operation free of charge.

Have a question, the professional SLA shows domain mapping, how are you providing SSL on a cloud service that's not self-hosted?

Thank you.
Edited: Mario Stevenson - 05/10/2013 17:55:25 (General Edit)
Hi, Mario!

The customer purchases an SSL certificate and provides it to us (usually via the helpdesk ticket).
We delegate a new address and set the certificate for this dedicated address.
Best Regards, Anna
I have a trial account at the moment and I wish to change my domain name. Is it possible?
This option is not available in the Free tariff plan. Please look through the comparison table of Bitrix24 versions.
Who do we purchase the SSL Certificate with? Bitrix?

If I go to GoDaddy to purchase an SSL Certificate, they require a CSR in order to generate the SSL Certificate and I don't have any way to do that unless you provide that information.
No, you should purchase the SSL certificate for your company.
Please get more information on how to create a CSR here.
Thank you for the comment Ann, but if you read the first sentence of the GoDaddy KB article, it says:

"In order to request an SSL certificate, you must first generate and submit a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) to the Certification Authority (CA). Your Web server software generates the CSR and creates your public/private key pair that you will use to encrypt and decrypt secure transactions."

Bitrix24 Cloud Hosted versions are hosted on YOUR web servers, so YOU need to create a CSR for me. I am unable to get an SSL certificate with the CSR generated from the server YOU host my cloud service on.

Unless I'm mistaken, having an SSL certificate for a custom domain is something you need to handle on your end. If this was a self-hosted version of Bitrix24 (i.e. on my servers), then I would need to handle it.

Please provide some clearer direction on this.

Sorry for the incomplete answer.

You can create a CSR using the OpenSSL tool or some csr- generators, like this.
Ann Slyshkina wrote:
This option is not available in the Free tariff plan. Please look through the comparison table of Bitrix24 versions.
Мы пробуем тарифный план КОМПАНИЯ (30 дней бесплатно). В этой таблице говорится о возможности использования своего домена. Но я не вижу как это можно сделать?
When setting up my Free account I used my name as the domain name and now my company is wanting to use it. Is there a way to change the domain name? If not, can I delete my account and start over with a new account?

Hi Dennis!

For Bitrix24 FREE account domain name is set at the moment of registration, this is a three-level domain <domain>

If you need to change something in <domain> (for example if your company has already had its own Bitrix24 FREE account and whants to change its name for your <domain> part of  domain name), than the only one solution possible for FREE versions - is to make a new account (either use your personal account (in case you will invite employees to your own Bitrix24), or make a new one).

Please note the once you have decided to delete your Bitrix24 Account - it will be completely deleted after 50 days from the day you totally stop using it.

But! In case if your company is using or plan to use Bitrix24 PROFESIONAL version you can create your company's own three-level domain name - for example (

Kind Regards,

How to get the third level domain?

Please clarify your question. Thank you.

I am having the professional version for bitrix24, need to transfer to my third level domain name

How to get the third domain level?

I am using

I am in the midlle of processing SSL purchase, can you help to process it?

I am using

Please advise. Thanks

I just bought the professional pack

How to provide the ssl certificate to you?



Thanks for contacting our Help Desk, we'll assist you further via your ticket.

Kind Regards,

Hi we have a Bitrix account...  registered to our old company name... we have just re branded and now trade under a new name.  We want to continue using Bitrix but need to update the name on the account and domain accordingly... is this possible?

Hi Nick,

if you have a professional subscription it is possible to have your own domain name like (you need to contact our Help Desk with this request), but if you're Bitrix24 free account user - I'm afraid this option is not provided.

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