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Subtasks or checklists in Android.
Hi, Right now when I create a list of tasks associated with a group(I'm using groups to identify projects since there doesn't seem to be any other way to handle that right now), everything seems fine, but the tasks seems to show up in random order on the android app, with no association to the parent tasks.
I might have a task something like install new bathroom vanity.
Sub tasks would be things like
-measure existing space
-meet with owner to discuss colour choices
-Price out vanity
-Confirm price with owner
-Install vanity

Right now they all show up the same in android, there doesn't seem to be any sort function, or ability to even separate out tasks by workgroup at the very least?  When a given project might have 500 sub-tasks split into 10 categories(tasks), and we might have 10 projects on the go this is a big worry.  Is there any way to get more of a file tree like view, or some way for the user to identify sub-tasks vs overall tasks?  

Checklists don't seem to show up at all, making them kind of useless?  Is there a setting to show these in Android?
Edited: Jeremy Brown - 06/08/2015 10:29:26
Hi Jeremy!

Unfortunately the mobile app interface is quite limited in comparison with the web verison, but we are constantly working on the app improvement. Thanks for the suggestion.


Hi There,

I can't see the subtask on my android,
can i be able to see subtask or not ?

We have just reported this bug to our mobile app dev team, normally the subtasks should be reflected together with the main tasks as a common list (you may not see the parent-subtask relation though) - currently subtasks are not displayed. We'll do our best to solve this issue asap. Thank you.


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