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Price Matching Mechanism

I would like to know is there any Price Matching Mechanism.
I understand the CRM is mainly for someone who owns the product.

Say for a Brokerage Company

We have a Supplier A - selling Product A for $5
We have a Supplier B - selling Product A for $6
We have a Supplier C - selling Product A for $7

Now we have a Lead - Client who needs Product A for around $6

So we put in the Lead, and Product A.

It shows us Matching Opportunity with Supplier A

So we can execute a Faster Deal / Execution

Or if not the above, what other feature we can utilize in order to matchup our above needs?
Hi Owais !

We don't have preset tools for suppliers, but you can add suppliers as companies & e.g. create special filed for companies with "supplier" value & filter all companies by suppliers.


Yes, that is what we have done

But the price matching mechanism is something very useful... i am giving you ideas.. this will help your CRM go to different levels and heights.

In todays world.. many companies act like Brokerage / transit / trading companies.. buy from one place - and sell to other

If you have this price matching.. it will be AWESOME!

Try implementing soon

P.S. i would require to be paid for consultancy and for tips..Just Joking.. well i could accept it though :P
You can go to CRM>Settings>product properties and add supplier & his price to the products. There is no price matching available.


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