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Products Pricing

We have different Partners / Suppliers, giving specific product at different prices.

If we upload various codes and products.... and we put no prices there.

Is it possible to put manually for each supplier / company name?
Hi Owais!

Can you please explain your scenario in more details or share a sample? Thank you!


Hello Yana,

We are in to Telecom Business.

And there are some products that are priced 0.0345 or 0.044 and in similar ranges.
It is important for pricing to show exact number / digits as we type

Currently it just rounds it up.. Which takes away the accuracy and precision of the pricing factor (which is highly important)

I am sure it will just take 2-3 codes / lines tweaking for your developers... as this is the reason that is not making me go ahead with the payed solution / services

I hope you can quickly provide as per the requirements we need.
I see about the price format, what about the suppliers - hope you can share a sample ?

The pricing format is same for both...
We haven't received a lot of requests on price format change yet, we may consider the possibility in future. Thanks.

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