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Pre Sales Testing, Question re access to modultes for pre-sales Testing

We are taking a good look at Bitrix as a potential system for our business.

We need something that will not just give us Collaboration, Project Management etc. but that will also give us HR Management, Resources Management, CRM, Helpdesk and the ability to allow External Customers to connect and collaborate on specific "Projects" in a secure and controlled manner.

We are currently looking at the free addition but, because of its limitations, we cannot properly assess a range of critical aspects such as Help Desk, External Users, TIme Management etc. etc.

Our Intention would be to purchase the Self Hosted Version but at this point we do not want to go through the process of setting up a server and downloading,  installing, configuring etc. a free demo version.

Are there any other options or is this the only way to go to properly test?
Hi Peter!

Please contact one of our certified partners, they will be happy to make a demo & answer your questions. The cost of licensing Bitrix24 through a partner is the
same as purchasing from us directly, but partners also offer value added services that we don't, such as training, consulting, integration and customization of Bitrix24.


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