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BP Date functions
Hi, I'm creating a BP which compares 2 dates.

The first one is the date of document creation and the second one is a date entered by the user at the doc (Date workflow field).

My problem here it's the system is not retrieving the correct dates. I'm printing it and sending a mail to test.

Already tried :

{=Dateadd({=Document:PROPERTY_DQQBYPR}, "14d")}




{=Document:PROPERTY_DQQFKQJ}  // A Date/Time workflow field created to test it too

The email returns :

{=Dateadd(01/01/1970, "14d")}


01/01/1970 03:00:00 AM

01/01/1970 03:00:00 AM


If I inspect document, my fields have the correct dates I've selected.

What is wrong?
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