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How to Hide Subscription to certain users?
Hello everybody, Im currently testing Bitrix 24 because I'm interested to adquire Bitrix24 Plus.
I just figure out how to hide CRM to certain groups, but I dont know how to hide the "Subscription" tab.
I know that a user can hide that tab, but there must be a way that allows me to do it (like the CRM).

Is that always there? Or it dissapear when I purchase Plus?

Thank you.
Héctor Martínez
Hi team,
           please find the issue in the below attached file.  I got this error message while synchronizing the BITRIX24.Drive in BITRIX Desktop Application.
note:- What is the reason for this type of issue  and how to solve this issue in BITRIX.

Thanks & Regards,
Narasimha Reddy Bandlapalii.
Hi Héctor!

The subscription section is partially hidden for simple users in comparison to administrators. But simple users still see the section with ability to upgrade or activate free 30 days trial - the visability of this module cannot be configured.

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