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Integrating workgroups with other companies
We have studied Bitrix24 For some time and would like what we see.

We see one limitation – or maybe we do not understand how the software work for the – which is the ability to share one or more workgroups with other companies using Bitrix24.

Imagine you are working with a customer or supplier, both of whom are using Bitrix24, the 2 companies could share one workgroup so that company A See all their stuff including one working for company B while they see all their other data for theire respective companies.

This will open up for collaboration between the 2 companies and people will not have to log in and out of different systems.

I would see this as a huge advantage, and a very good selling point for Bitrix24. Everythingis about collaboration and sharing, not only in a company but also between companies. Is this possible to do?

With best regards,

Hi Peter!

Not yet, but we are considering this option for future updates. Currently you can invite another Bitrix24 intranet users as extranet users - send invitation to their email address bound to their native intranet. It's clear the solution you propose is more convenient, we may add it as a part of our Network updates in 2016. Thank you!


Hello Yana

I think you should. I will ad sooo much value to your product and it will give you a viral edge.

With best regards

Peter Skouhus  
Thanks Peter!
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