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Navigation bar and real-time sync between users / machines -- potential bug, Potential bug
Hey Bitrix Community!

Just signed up for the free cloud-version of Bitrix to pilot with my team. I am noticing some issues with the navigation bar as well as general sync time between users and machines. Specifically:

1) When I add a workgroup, the new group does not consistently appear in the left-side navigation bar ('nav bar'). I use the word 'consistent' because the new group will occasionally appear / disappear as I perform different functions in the application.

2) Similar to #1, when I customize my nav bar (i.e., move certain sections up/down; hide certain sections, etc.), my preferences do not consistently appear and will revert back and forth between my customized view and the default view.

Note that I cannot reliably reproduce this bug as the switch between custom vs default views is sporadic.

3) I suspect this may be a browser issue so I cleared cookies and also switched to another browser -- no help. My colleague is also experiencing the sporadic behaviour as his menu options will constantly change between activities (all in the same session).

4) We are also experiencing some challenges with the application syncing. For example, I closed a task and noticed that it was still active and editable on my colleagues desktop. Likewise, I updated the name to a workgroup which does not get updated on my friend's machine (we are synchronizing the drive).

Has anyone else experienced similar problems with saving preferences and syncing across users/machines?

Thanks in advance!

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