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Changing permissions not changing user menu options, Changing permissions not changing user menu options
I've run into this issue in two situations. (We use self hosted).

First, if I accidentally add a user without all the correct group roles and then later assign them, the menu items that they should see do not appear. In this example, once I accidentally added a user without any roles, so they had empty menus when they logged in. However, even if I now assign that user as an administrator, they still do not see any menu items.

Second, I have a user that was a normal employee but we would like to elevate him to an administrator. I have taken the steps and have assigned him but he still only sees the menu items that he had permission for before. He has control panel access and can interact with employee profiles but his quick access menu items haven't changed. For example, this user now has full privileges on the site but they cannot see the "supervising" tab in tasks.

Is there a way to refresh/rebuild a user's menus based on current access levels?

I'm sorry if this has already been asked. I it has, I couldn't find the thread.
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