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Add Company details - your own company
I'm trying add my address, email, phone # etc to for my company (NOT a CRM company). I have an invoice ready to send out, but it doesn't have my company details on it. Does anyone have any idea how to do this?
Alan, if you are using the cloud version, go to

CRM > settings > Payment Details > Payment Systems

Choose the payment method you are using and customize it (Handler properties).
Note the "show all fields" link.

Do not delete any of those payment methods, otherwise you may not be able to print invoices or quotes.
You must have at least one "quote" and one "invoice" handler for each contact and company client type.
See the picture.

Ronaldo Radünz

Bitrix24 Gold Partner
Thank you for the quick response. I have filled this in, but yet the info still does not show up on the invoice when I download the pdf. I've even clicked on "Show Field" that appears at the bottom and selected to show the address. My address is now visible on the Invoice page, but it's not on the PDF download.  
Alan, please check if your invoice "payment method" field is the same that you configured in the Payment Systems settings.
Ronaldo Radünz

Bitrix24 Gold Partner
Excellent, thank you very much Rolando! my issue is resolved, have a great day and thanks again!!!
Thanks for the help Ronaldo!  :)
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